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I just decided that I want to wear my hair curly and I need some good products. What do you guys use? I can't decide whether my hair is a 2b or a 3a. It's somewhere in the middle of the two I think and it's sort of short (I will be letting it grow out) and I have major problems with frizz. My hair looks too limp a lot, and I need techniques and ways to make it look its best when it's curly. I use Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray Gel, and sometimes I use Iso Bouncy Cream. I think I need more products though, or I at least need to learn the right ways to apply these things to my hair. Please help!
The best thing you can do for your curls is go CG (the 5 months that I was my hair had never looked better) and if the idea of not shampooing just doesn't turn you on, only shampoo your hair once for every couple of conditions you do. Tame it a bit by putting some gel in and just let it air dry. The idea is basically to keep your hair from getting dried out thus preventing frizz.

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