are my products causing acne??

so i haven't had clear skin for the past three or four years (i'm 16). it's not the awful kind of acne, just an annoying, bumpy texture that never goes away and a few zits scattered here and there. i do go to the dermatologist, and they've asked what kind of shampoo i'm using. i'm pretty strictly CG, always co-washing with Suave Naturals lavender and then using LA Looks Sport gel mixed with honey. that's it. could they be the problem? i'm pretty skeptical since my skin was worst two years ago and i've only been strictly CG for a year now...
2c/3a...very thin and fine... Modified CG (I co-wash everyday)

Suave Naturals Lavender Conditioner
LA Looks Sport Gel
It doesn't sound like its your hair product. I mean, if you've been CG for a year and your acne was worse two years before that then I wouldn't think that is the cause. However, its a good idea after you put any product in your hair to wash your face up by your hairline (I used to break out along my hairline until I started).

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