Really Long Banges

Ok, So I've been swimming 2 times a day for the past 2 months, and I have 1 more month before it's over. My mom and I made an agreement that I could get whatever hair cut I wanted if I waited until my season is over to get my hair cut. My problem is, I have banges and I love having them (I look a lot better with than without), but they have grown out longer than my jaw, does anyone have any ideas how to make them look good even though they are really long? I really would like to wait until the end of my season so I can get all of the spilt ends cut off at the same time. My hair is 3a
Well my hair is 3c also and when I was on the swim team i had to swim 5days a week for 3months and it was a hassle for me to keep my hair up to. I dont really know if you strighten your hair alot but what you could do it was stright is like curl them like in and then sweep them to the side like side bangs. Hope that helps;]]]

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