Bangs like Taylor Swift?

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering, has anyone found a way to get their bangs to look similar to Taylor Swift's? She has what would be dream hair for me, and my curl is similar to hers, but I can never seem to get it to look the same, especially in the front.

Here's a pic I absolutely love and keep trying to copy with little success:

So... any ideas? Maybe?
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Her hair is gorgeous, and you're really lucky if you have hair like hers!

I'd say go to a good hairdresser and show her the picture and get her to cut your bangs like that. I don't know if you can get bangs like that yourself. Also, remember that she's probably had a bunch of hairstylists working on her hair, so probably used curling irons and stuff on her hair, so don't fret if it doesn't look *exactly* like her hair.

Anyways, good luck!
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i love taylor swift's hair too!! i mean really, who doesn't? anyways, i definitely think there was some curling iron action going on in that picture, from the way they are kinda flipping up and away from her face, and the fact that the bangs are straighter at the root than the rest of her hair. So, i'd say her look does require styling so go for if you're willing to style your bangs! i'm sure it couldn't look bad if your hair is similar to taylor's (oh yah, we're on a first name basis lol)
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i no her hair is georgous and ive always wanted hair like a celeb.

but ive come to realize that they dont just wake up and do their hair themselves like we do. they have like hair and makeup crews that do and perfect it for them.
I have done something like that with my hair its really not that hard at all. My girlfriend is a hair dresser and showed me how. I will see if I can find a pic some where of what it looked like. So heres how to do it:

1. Wash your hair and style it as usual, let it dry completely!

2. Using a comb part your (straight line) on one side I always do it on my right side. Put it in a clip or something so it doesn't get in your way. Keeping the part in place pull out like a 3-4 inch square from the bangs on the opposite side (hope this makes sense).

3. Coat it with some heat protector creme. Take a flat iron (a Chi is by far the best flat iron out there, and the only one I use) and iron it till its straight. You may also want to add a little hair spray to make sure it doesn't frizz back up.

4. Take a curling iron now and make some big loops out of the straightened bangs try to get as close to your head as you can. Hairspray and finger through them to give them that toussled look.

5. Pull back the ends of the bangs and tuck them behind your ear and secure with a bobby pin.

I got so many complements when I did it this way it was crazy. But it takes a lot of work, and if its humid or wet out side it makes a totall flop and looks horrid. Hope this helps!!!
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Wet your bands and dry them with a round brush to the side to lift the roots, then take a spiral iron and spiral or let your natural curls go on your bangs. i love it though that some one famous for the teens is sporting their hair color, i wanted my hair straight for so long but i love it now because its different. and she s my age so its kinda cool
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Yeah, she uses a curling iron, it was on the DVD that came with her CD...

I wish i could get my hair as curly as that..!!
I think this website is awesome!! I LOVE Taylor Swift and I have blond curly hair just like hers! I just need to figure out how to style my hair. It's kinda hard because it's so curly but I think I'll try it tomorrow.
Sheesh, you'd be one lucky girl to get curls like Taylor Swift.. everytime I see her I'm so envious. :x
She has the looks, hair, and the talent.
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Just get long side swept bangs and straighten kind of sucks, but i straighten my bangs.
well i do that with my bangs too and itlooks kinda similair. i let them air dry but then in the morning if they dont look good you curl them so they wrap around your other peices of hair.. did that make sense? idk its hard to explain.
this only really works because i shower at night:

I section of my bangs with a clip, then style the bulk of my hair. Right before bed i put my hair up, then put lot of gel in my bangs (sounds gross but bear with me) and pull them flat around my head with like 2 or three clips (so the tiny bits don't escape). In the morning i scrunch it out a lot! and it's soft and straight with a tiny flip at the end.
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ok with this you kinda want to ask your hairdresser to do long razored bangs in one side of your head and use a curling iron to touch up your hair and/or bangs
I love Taylor Swifts hair, especailly how she does her bangs. I had bangs for the longest time that i straightened after I blew dry my hair. I got so sick of blow drying my hair and seperating the bangs to straighten them, making sure I didn't get any of the other curls mixed in with my bangs.
Finally I gave up with the straigtener and what I do is part my bangs how I would normally wear them straight, add my product and start blow drying my hair like I normally would. When they are still damp I take my bangs and start twisting them right about eye level so some of the bang over my forhead stays semi straight/waved. I finish blow drying them carefully until dry.
Hope this makes sense and helps you.
hey update i just got my hair cut but she said to do a long sweep bang i looks perfect i luv my hairdresser
I tried getting her bangs once and to get pretty close you have to use a curling iron to straighten the first part and then as you go down once you get to the end part you curl it up and away from you. HTH!
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I have used Taylor as an inspiration for my own hair styles, and I found that I had a hard time at first getting the bangs right. I had shorter bangs for a while, but let them grow out, and sometimes just let them stay how they want and it seems to be closer to the look I'm going for. My natural curls are better than trying to use an iron to get the look, but sometimes I just hairspray the bangs back away from my face, and clip them under all the rest of the hair just by my ear so that they are just brushing my eye. It's the best I've gotten so far.
i think that she has long side swept bangs and it almost looks as if she straightens half of it and lets the rest b curly...

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