hmm i've noticed..

i was the only one in my high school with curly hair
EVERYONE straightened it
i always got complements ramdom girls in the washroom would ask me if its natural etc
now i'm noticing lots of girls have gone curly
espically the yonger 1's

is this happening to any of u?
very thick brown 3b/3c curls
Same exact thing one of my best friends is a curly who ALWAYS straightened since I went curly and started to get so many compliments she too wheres her hair curly, well at least mostly. Makes me smile
For me it's a little different. Since I've been getting my hair to behave properly all of my friends with straight hair are now curling their hair.
i straightened my hair all throughout hs too

Faves: Deva One C, Spiral Curls Cream, NECL, Aura Hypoallergenic, Curl Junkie, Jessicurl
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yeah this year all the curlies are going natural... I've even noticed people with straight hair trying to gel it and waves it doesn't work and I just laugh
hahah yeaaa
but there still some stubborn curly girls who fry stright their hair
they say their hair looks ugly
very thick brown 3b/3c curls
I've been natural since the summer before my sophmore year of HS, Im now in my 2nd semester of college...and I still get random compliments!!!

I have three all time favorites...the first was when the exchange student from Bosnia remarked in broken english that my hair was sexy, and he thought the flat-ironed girls looked stupid, whereupon his teammate agreed. Second is the random grandmother who told me in the supermarket last week that "oh I just love your hair dear, its so flattering on you!" And the best was when I happened to overhear a crush telling his friend that "yeah, her hair is amazing"

I glow for days after things like this!
light brown, 3B at the crown, with 3A underneath. Beyond baby-fine and cut in a layered bob, which I am trying to grow out.

No matter how hard you try to hide them, your inner curls will always come out. Why not make them look good?
ive never straightend my hair all my life...100% natrual , lol , curly hair rocks
Yeah, I've noticed that;; yeah, it is funny when I see people with straight hair trying to make their hair curly by geling it.. it looks stiff and unmoveable.
I've straightened my hair once;; it didn't look too good... I realized that curly really works for me. I'd rather be natural than fake.
Everybody at my college is still pretty much straight.

I didn't get my curls until I was 13. Then I straightened them until senior year when I got sick and tired of dealing with my extremely thick wavy hair which often wouldn't cooperate with what I was doing. Getting my hair cut short, layered and learning how to use a diffuser really made the difference. I have only straightened my hair once since. I won't do it again.
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves

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