What's your hair like?

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So...just a general question. What is your hair type? Is it frizzy? Do people make fun of you? How do you wear your hair?

Me...My hair is 3b/c, but sometimes I can get some 4a. It's like uber frizzy. I hate it. It looks like I have a mullet because the layers are so messed up. My top layer is so frizzy, and when my hair is in a ponytail, you can tell the different layers apart. The top layer has NO definition at all. The bottom layer is better.

Everyday I wear my hair in a ponytail or a bun, never EVER down. It will frizz up and die.

People constantly make fun of me, poke my hair, touch is, bother me to straighten it...And sometimes I want to strangle them. :P
3b/c...or thereabouts.

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I just started to transition so I don't know what my natural hair is like yet. I think I have 4a hair. I may have some 3c in the back or my hair might be 4b. The most damaged parts of my hair (top layer) are frizzy. I'm muslim so people don't usually see my hair and when they do they dont' make fun of me. I think they're just trying to be nice though. I usually wear my hair in 2 braids.
I did the 2 braids thing a few years ago...But it was all poofy near the ears, you know? And after a while, people were like, "You ALWAYS wear your hair like that!! Wear it down!!! *whiny*" Gah. And it made the top of my hair really thin and straight and flat...Not that buns and ponytails don't do that now...
3b/c...or thereabouts.

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Password: curlomania
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Hair type: 2b/c/3a

Not to frizzy usually

Do they make fun of me? My little brother does but my friends tell me they are jelous

I wear my hair in a messy bun. Scrunchy power!!!
My hair is 2c/3a (like princesscurly!) and chin length with lots of layers. It used to be bra strap length, and i cut it a week ago....

No one really makes fun of me, but i live in seattle (grunge/hippy capital of the universe) so messy hair is pretty standard.

back when i had long hair i wore it in a messy bun almost every day, but alas, i can't do ANYTHING with my short hair, so i have to wear it down every day
shoulder length 2Cmii
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Without work, my hair is naturally 2c/3a, is very thick and EXTREMELY frizzy. No one made fun of my hair because I pretty much straightened it when I was in school. The last two years though, I got layers cut into it and learned to blow-dry it with a diffuser. Everybody loves it now and it's so much easier to style. I don't have to battle with my hair anymore.
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves
I have 2C-3A curls that are different every day. When I was little I had my hair cut in a puffy bob that drove my mom crazy. Now it's layered and down to about mid-back.

People made fun of me in middle school cause I looked a lot like Frankenstein's bride. Now I avoid brushes at all costs. I get compliments on days that my hair actually behaves.
i have 3 a/b. and its really frizzy. its pretty poofy too but i use product to help with the frizz and poofiness.
i have a LOT of hair--it is around 22 inches long when stretched, and really thick. i have to wear it long because it weighs it down so it doesn't look like a squirrel or some other rodent on my head! but i also like it long, even though it takes way longer in the shower. it is exceptionally frizzy most days because i haven't been using any product in it lately. it looks better when i do, i'm just lazy. i'm 3B/3C, but i can't blowdry my hair straight at all. its course and like 4 different textures. i usually wear it: 1/2 up, in a low pony, a low braid, low bun, or high bun. i usually always have a side part. thats about it!
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I have been told I'm 3b, but who can trust these people on here, anyway? (I'm kidding. These people know so much about curly hair that I couldn't even begin to compare myself.) Anyway, it's 3b, corkscrews and spirals, shiny (most of the time, at least), pretty frizz free for the most part, and layered. When curly, it is about 3 or 4 inches past my shoudler. When straight (quite rarely), it is about 6 or 7 inches past my shoulders.
I think so at least. Oh, and it's pretty thick and brown (not dark brown, like I would like, but almost a dishwater brown sometimes. Blech). It depends on how my hair is feeling that day (thickness wise at least)...


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i have 3a hair. past chin length and still growing, i'm gonna grown it about past shoulder.

it really doesn't frizz at all (thank god)

i don't really get made fun of. people at my school have started calling my shirly temple though :x oh well, others ask how i get my hair to look like it does ^_^ that makes me happy.

i always wear my hair down. it's just easier that way.
3a/some 3b
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ah. My hair. what to call it? Big, Huge, red frizzy tangles mass that resembles overblown clown Hair. I'll have to get some pics up to show you...
I'm not that sure on my hairtype, but it's not really that frizzy at all, products control it well. It can get a bit frizzy at the back though. It's worse during the winter but I deal. Here's a picture of my hair, a very very recent photo (like yesterday!)

my hair's weird
its type 3c. when its humid my hair looks better than normal. if i condition it, it gets way to poofy and frizzy unless its dried out then its good. if i dont condition it its fine if i still have the right amount of whatever greasy stuff i put in it at the beginning of the week left in it. If my hair is just a little oily before i go swimming then when it dries, it's in perfect ringlets almost like straw set and it feels like silk (i know that makes no sense), chlorine makes my hair look better. clean pure water would probably make my hair look like a huge mess, and not the good kind. my hair normally feels best when it looks worst and feels worse when it looks best (with the exception of after swimming). the tiring thing is i never ever ever know what my hair will do. if i aim for a particular style, it always goes a little over top and ends up exactly the opposite, so by the end of this week most of this probably wont be true anymore. but honestly i love my hair, it matches me perfectly and everyone knows it


QueenConverse you have really nice hair . if i had to label it id say around 3a, but i havent been to this site in a while so i might not be the best judge.
look at my signature.

no, people don't make fun of me... i actually get a lot of compliments. i ususally wear my hair down. i also like doing curly buns and ponytails, or pinning the sides back with tendrils hanging down in front.
3b. Tight, brown corkscrew ringlets; down to the middle of my back with sideswept bangs that I "straighten" by tucking behind my ear while drying.
College freshman and hair product junkie. Not a good combo! haha!
My hair..hmm.. its a very unique thing.
(look at my signature).. but yeah.. it changes so often;; It kind of depends on my mood, if I put too much products in it or if I put too little) like it looks good after I wash it in the morning, but during the day it turns to a big fluffy mess (I think its because of the humid classrooms.. blah!). But its weird;; because if I don't go to school then I have awesome looking hair (like now) but if I go to school, and go to the different classrooms my hair ends up looking like I haven't washed it my whole life.. =(
I usually wear it down because its kind of hard to place it in a bun or ponytail without it looking weird (I have very thick hair..) People don't make funn of my hair.. they envy it . (if I'm having a good hair day mind you =) )
But I have gradually become to love it for what it is. I'm trying to bring out its full potention.
My hair is bsl length, mostly 3a, maybe with some 3b. Also- a lot of the time it's flatter and wavier near the crown, which is really annoying. My hair gets frizzy underneath on the day after I wash my hair. By the 3rd day my hair is a frizzy mess- usually- and I need to rewash it.

No, people don't make fun of me most of the time. And if they do, it's usually on IM. Usually I wear my hair down.

Sometimes I wear it up in a ponytail, which leaves my hair flat and blah when I take it out.
My hair is 4a with some 3c sections. My hair is usually in a ponytail puff, but i'd like to wear it curly sometimes. I usually blowout my hair once a week but, i want to eliminate the blowing out process all together and wear my hair natural using natural hair products to make it stay curly.
Hair Type: 4a with 3c sections...frizzy,wavy,bushy,curly

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