the wet look

does anybody like the wet looking curls.i looooooove the wet look!it seems that most teen girls style our hair the wet look.whats your best gels and other stylin products and techniques of achieving the wet look?
i like my hair best wen its wet but its sooo hard to get it to STAY that way.
i know, me too, thats why i wanted to make a thread in what products will keep it looking like any ideas?
conditioner! loads of it. it keeps it looking wet and makes it stay flat and not go frizzy
I actually find that when I try the wet look on my hair it makes it look more greasy than wet. Also, my hair doesnt move. I have found a way to style my hair and make it look great. Wash your hair, but dont use conditioner. Then brush it or comb it. flip your head over and distribute TIGI Curls Rock 3 Leave In Conditioner Brush/comb it to distribute more evenly, style or leave down and let air dry. I love this prouduct because it totally takes away all my frizz but lets my curls bounce and my hair actually move.
i can't brush my hair.if i just use shampoo and try to brush my hair will snap at he ends is tigi cone and protien free.

lucy what brand of conditioner do you use?just conditioner or do you mix it with water or gel?
i use dove conditioner at the moment, but you can use any brand of conditioner that you want. im from australia so i dont know if they sell dove where your from. also the conditioner i use is one that says for dry or damaged hair. with conditioner you can add different looks. if you want it to look wet then you have to put heaps and i mean heaps like handfuls and handfuls of condtioner. but i just use a little because it still makes my hair stay flat, however it looks more natural. it doesnt go frizzy or boofy it sits beautiful. i never used to wear my hair down because i used to hate it until i started using conditioner. also my bf is a hairdresser and he says that conditioner works because it ways the hair down. he wants me to use wax, but as of yet i havent used it but when i do i will let u guys know how it goes.
i totally agree ...that's why i mostly try to use mouse after my shower! but it doesn't usually work with the strands right in front of my hair so i have to pull them back with a hair clip. it kinda stinks cuz i want my hair ALL curly & sometimes after using mouse it turns dry & on the top of my hair is straight/wavey. my hair is kinda frizzy...
i love my hair when its wet.

its like these really long sleek waves and then when it dries it becomes very heavy curls like pipe curls and increases like 3 times in
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I prefer my hair when it's dry, actually. It looks so thin and lifeless when wet. Also, I find products that I've applied are more noticeable when wet.
P/w: curls
i like mine when its wet 2. i have 3c hair so when its wet its like really small waves and tight curls but it hangs down and looks nice and long. then it dries and it goes all frizzy and looks short and i get what ppl mistake for an afro -_-' (im so not a afro person). nowadays i just leave in all my conditioner.
I tend to use a gel and diffuse my hair so that it holds its place and the curls look somewhat 'wet'. I've heard good things about "Sebastian- Wet", but I've never tried it personally.
When my hair is wet it looks so nice and curly, when it's dry it doesn't look as nice.
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i dont like the "wet look". It looks unnatural and untouchable.

but whatever floats your boat :]
I like it on some people that can just get out of the shower and scrunch their hair and be done. My hair is too limp when it is wet though. It has no volume at all so I have to wait until it is completely dry or use a blow dryer to see the curls form
Sebastions Wet Look Gel..... Idk if they have a generic version or anything, but it works for the wet look, and a little goes a long way....

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