Pixie cut?

tbranam4128, it looks like Halle's hair has been blow dried at the very least. Given that 3A hair tends to develop a looser curl the shorter it gets, you may be able to attain a similar look , but perhaps not quite as polished.
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I had been contemplating a pixie for years - finally took the plunge about 12 weeks ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My only regret is not doing it sooner. I say go for it!
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
hey guys. so i jus decided to cut my hair a pixie cut and i'm soo nervous. i have curly/wavy hair. can i pull it off??
kinda like this one?

this is me (srry the only one i have)

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I have a 3b maybe 3c curl. Is it possible for me to get a pixie cut? I do have a oval shaped face which I heard will go well with any haircut but my fear is the curls and if my face is too big for one! Help!
My hair has really been annoying me lately, frizzy and just overall poofy, I used to get really nice, beautiful curls, but for some reason it just is not cooperating. I am thinking about growing my hair out really long to see if I like it, but as of now I am so fed up with my hair I wanted to cut it mad short and get a pixie cut.

If you cut curly hair short enough will it be straight? or will I have a short curly afro and not a nice pixie cut
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I understand what you mean about hair getting in the way. My hair is right above my shoulders but still annoying. I think your hair looks great and have a great face so it will really work for you. Go for it!
yea heelp too
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your pic link didn't work
my hair is about 3a/3b curly but only on the top of my head! the rest of my hair is more wavy!! (so weird!!!) i desperately want a pixie haircut and i know i have the right face for it but im scared how my hair will react!
what do you think? aaaaah help

i'd like a sort of mia farrow cut
Hi Elphin-Girl, do it! I was scared too but it turned out really great i just had to get it out of my system. as long as your hair isn't kinky curly and doesn't have a tight curl at the root it will look fine. but i do reccommend going to a hairdresser that has experience. i've had it for about 4 months now and love it but would like more hair to play with so i'm growing it out a little now. good luck!!!
my only concern is that my hair right at the top of my forehead curls fairly close to the root but not anywhere else on my head.
if that ends up happening after you cut it you can take a blow dryer to the top and it will only take 2 minutes to style. its so easy, but chances are it won't curl at all when you cut it short
thanks so much
could i possibly see a photo of your hair? you obviously dont have to but its just i dont think ive ever seen anyone with curly hair with a pixie cut
Here's a before and after, not the best pictures but they should give you an idea, and if you hate it just remember it always grows back
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Pixie cut?-mis2.jpg  
here's the after the first one is just so you can see how my curl is
your hair looks way better short!
i hope mine turns out as nice as yours!
i notice a lot of people posting here have 3a hair, and around there. how would a pixie cut look with like 3c-4a hair? i mean in reality, my hair has a bit of every hair type so it won't all hang one way. but does anyone know what it would turn out if there was a pixie cut that was 3c-4a? my aim is basically for it to definitely straighten out a bit, into possibly 3a-3c curls as i comb, product, etc. what do you guys think?
also, my chin is longlonglong so i'm kind of thinking it won't flatter my face, but i think i'm gonna go for it anyway!
any thoughts or tips?
Hey, hairlikewater, I don't know about 3c/4a hair, but I think unless you cut it VERY short it wouldn't straighten out much. Also, I've got a long chin too and am worrying about that with short hair. Yeah long chin club!
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I've been thinking about a new haircut, as well. The pixie cut was one of the first hairstyles that came to mind! I've never gone that short, because with my 3b-ish hair I was always afraid of what it might do - but I intend to get a new hairstyle in the summer.

I've always seen this photo pop up when searching for short curly hairstyles, and always thought it was quite cute!

I agree with everyone that's posted so far: Curly hair is extremely versatile, no matter what type of curly hair you have. You just have to learn how to manage it and fighting it is not the way to go.

It's true that pixie cuts are tricky, and a face shape may compliment it better than another, but I think anyone can rock the hairstyle.
I have seen some lovely pictures on here of newly-pixied girls, but they are all curly-wavyish for the most part. I have 3b hair, even 3C on some days/areas, and am not sure if I can pull this off. I also have kinda smallish eyes (although they actually look big in my profile pic, which is why I chose it!) and frequent acne flare-ups so not sure if it's a good idea..Any honest thoughts/feedback would be welcome. Not sure if I attached them correctly, but I attempted to attach a couple pics here...
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Pixie cut?-profpic.jpg   Pixie cut?-profpic2.jpg  

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