Pixie cut?

I desperately want to change up my hair. A pixie cut seems to be my only idea. I think it would look cute, but who knows. The image in your mind is always different than real life.

I have a round-ish face and 3a-3b hair. Would that look decent with a pixie?

Also, I am still in my teen years. Would a pixie cut be too mature?
Rbonnet, your hair looks great. I have 3b type hair as well as a pixie cut. I have been straightening and blowdrying my hair for a long time and can tell it is drying out my hair. Also i would like to occasionally go with a different look. What kind of hair product should i use/ whats your styling process???
hi guys! this website is awesome. So my hair is 3a and kind of medium thickness. normally i just put mousse and some leave in conditioner in it and let it air dry. I am dying to get rid of it, its just too much i want less and everywhere i look i see the pixie cut and dream of easier styling. i also just went through an extensive dying process and my natural color is finally in so im hoping whats left after the pixie will be softer and healthier and would like it to have some wave and maybe with a choppy cut?

I want halle berry's pixie but i'm not sure if my hair will look like hers or if she has relaxer in it or straightens it. i put her picture in here hope you can see it. what do you guys think? THANKS!!!
Originally Posted by tbranam4128
Halle Berry has very good bone structure. She has high, strong cheekbones and even features. That is why a pixie cut looks so good on her.

Using my iphone with my toe thumbs. There will be typos.
Ok, so the way I see it, it's hair. IT GROWS BACK. And I had so much fun when one summer, my grandma took me outside at our house in Michigan, and got the kitchen scissors and cut my hair, ALMOST ALL OFF. I didn't know what she was doing, but I wasn't about to throw a fit. Anyway, I had so much fun! I used the mini curler and made mini curls, I flat ironed it, I flat ironed it and spiked it, I mohawked It with some sort of gel concoction I found at my house. So basically, I'm telling you to cut it. And that embarrassing growing-out time? Well, that happened right when I was going into my first year in high school. Yeah. It was humiliating. But what I did was I went to my friends house (they are from Africa) and her mom basically sat down and braided my hair with fake hair. Most of the braids were red, like my natural hair color, but some were blue and green, orange, yellow....it was the most fun and I got compliments from the girls at school that I didn't even know. I had the best expirience and would NOT trade it for longer hair...
Hi my name is Leah I'm 13 and I have very very thick wavy hair it is also quite long, I've been growing it out my whole life just getting trimms and thins here and there never cutting it drastically. lately it has been way too much to handle it's thick and heavy I can't wear it in a high ponytail because it'll cost me a headache I can't do anything with it it's such a Burden to wash I almost never feel like it, I really want to get a pixie, just told my mom about it today she says if I cut it it will turn into a curly mess because when I was little and my hair was shorter and thinner my hair was very curly with ringlets now that it's long and thick it's weighed down so she says that's why I don't have curls my mom says if I cut it it will turn into an a curly Afro I don't know if I want to take the chance but I want to cut it so bad, I don't know what to do please help!!

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