Opinions please!

I'm going for my first college interview in two weeks and I am not sure what to do with my hair. I want to wear it down, but lately my curls have not been "happy" (maybe from the stress from applying to colleges) So I was thinking maybe I should straighten it. Please tell me what you think. I want to make a really good impression because this is my top choice school!
Hmm, do whatever you think looks best on you. You want to look professional, right? My advice to you is to wear it straight if your hair isn't looking good curly. Don't forget, though--your college shouldn't judge you by your hair. I don't believe they will, so don't stress yourself out about that. I think that if you are unsatisfied with your hair curly, then wear it straight, it isn't like you are betraying your curls.
Go for it and good luck!
Thanks. I really did feel like I would be betraying my hair if I wore it straight!
There are tons of different styles that can be worn with curly hair that are more professional looking. You don't HAVE to straighten it to look professional. Have you thought about like a slick ponytail? Frenchbraided? You don't have to do these styles but like I said you don't need to straighten it. Check out the CURLpix on this site for more style ideas.
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Or you can just wear them back in a clip with lots of hair spray. Curly, but professional. It'll show your fine with who you are but you don't let it distract you from things that are more important. Plus you'll be less likely to twirl your hair which is a definite distraction. Just don't worry so much about it, your hair has little to to with the outcome of an interview!
i would personnally say to wear it up so its out of your face. jus makes things easier.
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