advice please!

Hi everyone! i haven't posted much because i just got back into this site. anyways, this might seem horrible, but my mom's hair needs help. see, she has curly hair, but she doesn't seem to comprehend that you can not brush it out! and i tell her not to, but she says that its just a tangled mess if she doesn't. how should i approach this situation???
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Suggest having a spa day, and ask if you can style her hair for her. (Rinse it, condition it, put some products in it, etc.)

She may find out that afterwards, not brushing it is a good idea. Or not, but it's worth a chance. Let her know that she can still comb it or finger comb it (when it's wet), but not brush it.

Some people's curls will tangle up a lot if not cared for correctly (mine did that a lot before I stopped shampooing, and they always looked like a bee-hive). Show her some techniques.

Keep in mind, I'm not encouraging you to decieve your mother or anything, maybe even tell her "hey mom, I love your hair, and i want to try and style it sometime" or whatever you want to say.

Good luck!

P.S. I just looked at your pictures... your hair is so nice, and i loved the blue dress you were wearing. Very cute. Of course, you're very pretty as well.

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tell her to do all of her combing while her hair is wet, but after it dries, combing is a no-no.
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