oohhhhhh my goodness. skool is killn me. iv got this insane schedule that means all kinds of hw and stayn after skool evry day of the week plus goin early on one day. i havt evn been able to come to this site since like august. stresssss
sigh. anyway, i joined the swim team! for some strange reason, my hair always looks better after swimming than any other time. it clumps incredibly and the curls are like straw set curls its awsome! now what i do is wash and condition my hair once a weel then put vaseline in it and it keeps it hdrated throughout the whole week, even with the chlorine. then all have to do in the morning is get it wet. then it air dries and looks great!
still got a small problem with frizz when its not after swimming but im sure thats just a problem with me handling it.

well ciao till next time i can find a space in my insane schedule

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