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Recently, after blowing $45 on a haircut where so little was lopped off that there was almost no change whatsoever, I grabbed a pair of scissors and two chunks of hair on either side of my head and snipped around three inches off, turning my long, mangled curls into just about shoulder-length, one length waves. Suprisingly, then change was probably the best idea I'd ever had!

So, now I'm wondering...has anyone else ever tried something drastic that actually turned out great? Or terrible? Or maybe another DIY type thing?
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Yes! I recently took my tail-bone length curls and cut them off!

All I basically did was chop off my ponytail, and I ended up with a chin-ish length inverted bob without any extra work. ^.^ I loves it, all it needed was a trim and it was perfect.

that's awsome! I think I saw your thread about it earlier. It seems like people who cut curly hair don't always know what they're talking about. They say you need length to keep your hair from poofing, but you don't!
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