Poofy and Frizzy!

Hi, I'm Maddie. This is actually my first post on this website so yeah. I joined for hair advice and what I should use and stuff like that.

Let's start off with my hair is THICK, LAYERED, POOFY, and, SHORT.

Cutting my hair was the BIGGEST regret ever made. It used to be long, perfectly bouncy and curly.

Unfortunately, I got highlights in third grade. Then I got it all dyed in fourth. Highlighted in fifth, and now I'm in eighth and I'm sick of it. My hair is dead as dust and I'm ready to grow it back out, get it my natural color, and nurse it back to health.

My hair is naturally blond and I just dyed it BRIGHT red. I didn't like it, and I wasn't going to bleach it all out so I've used hair products that are bad for hair to try to fade it out a little bit. It's just making my hair dryer, frizzier and poofier.

Any way to get my hair beautiful again without having to murder it?

Here's a few pictures of my hair(my most recent, but it's before the red):
That's me and my friend Courtney. I'm the one on the right with the colorful bathing suit top.
It's self-explanitory who I am....
I straightened my bangs as usual.
I loves my hair that day but it's not like that anymore.


(to my hair !)
the first thing you should do is stop coloring it! atleast for a little while : ). try using deep treatments (organic would probably be best) and try not to wash it with shampoo that often. going CG would also probably be a good idea. i hope this helped! : )
Your hair is dry and frizzy because it has been damaged by the coloring, sulfate shampoo, and any blowdrying/straightening that you've done. It needs to be remoisturized. Give the CG method a try, and your hair will eventually get back to it's curly self. That means no sulfate shampoo, lots of silicone-free conditioner, and gentle care. You can read the book, Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey for more info, or the sticky at the top of the Going Shampooless forum. Good luck!
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haha that's weird I look just like you, but your hair looks nicer in those pics. I don't know how to help, but i just wanted to say that

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