My hair has just started getting curlier. When I was little it was really curly. Then when I was around 5 it like went straight. My hair started getting curly again about 2 years ago. But just around the front!!! So I have the crown of 3a curls in the front, but the top and the back are around a 2a... Do you think it will all go curly or do you know how to get the back to curl???
I cut it really short hoping it would all curl about 2 months ago. I like it short but am considering growing it out again if I could get the back to curl more. I've leaned so much about how to take care of the curls I have that I now want more of my hair to be curly!!!
I was wondering if anyone was going through the same thing or knew how to deal with it.

Thanx! Sorry for the really long post.
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