I Hate My Curls--Good Products for Straightening?/New Haistyle?/What Type Am I?

Hi, this is my first post here. (: Anywys, first of all, I'm one of those people that haaaate their curls. My hair used to be rather long and with realy loose curls, then I chopped it all off! I love it short, but it got super super curly (that picture's from a whiiiile ago). I'm always straightened it and getting upset because I have to flatten it every day. The worst part is I always wear bangs (also an old picture, now I have a bob and full bangs), and those look silly curled.

So, I'm wondering several things. First off, does anyone know of any products that will keep my hair from getting wavy the next day, or know of the best products to use when I flat iron it?

I'm also wondering, what type of hair do I have (1, 2, 3? A? B?)?

Also, I'm thinking of growing my hair again, but does anyone thing a certain style that can be easily managed WITHOUT flat ironing anything would look nice on me? (Although the picture's from a year or so ago, I don't look that much different).

Thanks to anyone who responds, I'm glad I finally got to talk about how much my hair's been bothering me.

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I'd say you're 3B or 3C especially when it's short.
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I would say you're at least a 3B maybe a 3C. Beautiful hair!

If you go to the 3B forum, there should be lots of foktis to look at to get some ideas on what to do with your hair.

Redcelticcurls and misfitcurls have gorgeous long 3B hair and have a ton of pics in their fotkis.
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