Tips with plopping

I just started plopping my hair, and its pretty awesome!! It helps my curls be more defined when i do it for about an hour.
But I tried sleeping with it plopped, and my bangish things were straight at the root and close to my head, then poofed out and looked weird. Actually, most of my hair was like that.
Am I just doing it wrong, or what? Gracias!
Yeah, I don't have much luck plopping overnight either. It gives my hair a weird bend...kind of like what you're talking about.

I've had way more success with pineapples (ponytail on the top of your head, doesn't smush your curls). I usually take my showers right after sports practice in the afternoon, so my hair has time to dry before I put it up. Some people on here like pineappling their hair when its still wet, though.

Just to give you another option.
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I soo know how you feel. I just started plopping and I could only do it overnight because i don't have time in the morning and i found that my "bangish things" (lol) were straight. You're probably not doing anything wrong, it's just because you're hair is in the t-shirt/towel for a long time.
I don't have any luck doing this either. The problem with sleeping on your hair while you're plopping is that you're flattening it to your head against the pillow. Instead of letting the curls loosly pile up on top of each other, you're smaming them down. I know plopping at night works for some people, but I'm not one of those lucky few!

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