dad insists on me getting a relaxer

D: I really dunno what to do. I'm beginning to love my hair and I've finally accepted that the only way I'll have straighter hair is with chemicals and that is a BIG no-no. Heck, even my MOM is getting to deal with it, but my Pops is srsly not digging it. He said he gives me A WEEK to straighten it, even after I've told him a gazillion times I don't want to.
I don't know what to do anymore, I'm thinking of gettting a flat iron or roller-setting it (but lol i dunno how ) just to get him to CHILL for a while.

Any advice you can give me?

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That's really sad to hear.
Maybe if you explain to your dad how bad relaxer chemicals are he'll understand better? And a flat iron is probably the lesser of two evils. As long as you don't use it everyday and use lots of moisturizer/conditioner on your hair, it'll do some damage but hopefully not that much. I used to flat iron my hair every week and it damaged my hair a little, but not as bad as a relaxer. Good luck, I hope it works out for you!
I don't know what kind of person your dad is, or how old you are, but it's your head and you shouldn't have to subject it to harsh chemicals that pretty much destroy the hair. I would do some research on relaxers and the chemicals and stuff. Everything you put on your head gets absorbed through your skin, ask your dad if he wants those chemicals in your body. Then tell him it's your head and not his. And ask him if he'd get a relaxer. Your hair is short, but it's so cute .. you're going to have a pretty awful time trying to get those tight curls straight. If you can, don't give in. It's not fair when people in the real world hate on the curls, but to get that from our parents .. who are supposed to love us? Not cool.
Tell him you're proud of your heritage, hair, and self and no one should try and make you feel guilty about that.
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I looked at your BC folder and your hair looks so cute! It looks dense, fine and soft and that's not the type of hair you want to relax (whose hair is for that matter?). Tell you dad that autopsies conducted on women who relaxed their hair found, beneath the brain barrier under the skull, some sort of toxic green layer. And that you will not endanger your health by using chemicals. Stand fast, girl! Also (only if you want),maybe negotiate with him that you will flatiron every so often (but not often). Another thing you can do is twists and twist outs, but only if you want. It's your hair, and IMO your dad is crossing a boundary he shouldn't. But he's a dad.

I got a BAA Angela Davis type fro when I was fifteen, and my parents freaked. But I gave them worse things to freak out about, so the hair was not that big an issue in comparison. Just sayin LOL.
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whaaa is all I could say to this.
Who is your father to make you straighten your beautiful curly hair? I seriously do not understand this situation. You are a womyn and you have the right to CHOOSE about anything, your body, your life, your hair, how many holes you put in it....
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