Dire Curl Crisis (Please Help!)

I used to have beautiful bouncing curls, i dyed my hair dark last spring break but then went back to blonde last week. Suddenly my beautiful curls look more like stringy witch hair....what can i do to get it back to the way it was?

The products that you use in your hair might be the cause. Do you use any products with silicone (the ingredients would end in 'cone, 'xane and 'conol)? Or do you use any products with protein or amino acids (you could be protein-sensitive)?
Sounds like bleaching/dying your hair blonde did quite a number on your hair-- and no wonder! Definitely invest in a good deep conditioning treatment if you haven't found one already, and make sure you lay off any hot styling tools.
Basically what Comicbookcrush said. Bleaching can really do a number on hair. Try to stay away from any hot styling tools like flat-irons, blow driers etc. But if you must use one, try to keep it a once-a-week thing. Be sure to keep your hair conditioned too
3c/4a in the front, 4b in the back, with a few sprinkles of 3c in random spots.

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