transitioning !?

I recently decided to start the transition from creme hair to natural hair. My last creme was probably sometime last year, but i have done texturizers, and my last hair straightening method was the Brazilian Keratin Treatment..! I did love it, it made my hair really manageable however, it has grown out and now I am back to my new growth and don't know how to manage it. I hear I should wear my hair in loose buns, but that doesn't work for me without pulling back tightly because I have shorter hair in the front. Also I have recently noticed that my hairline has been breaking, so now i have a patch of extremly short hair right in the center of my head..and it won't lay down with gels or anything ! (its a completely different texture from the rest of my hair) I don't know what to do ! i tried gelling in the morning and puttin a scarf around it to keep it down until I leave the house but that doesn't work and I end up putting a headband in, which i think caused the problem in the first place.

I can't seem to figure out how to keep my hair healthy and manageable until my big chop (hopefully sometime in April '09) ..Please Help !

I co-wash everyday with Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner. And the Gel I use is Let's Jam. Sometimes I try Paul Mitchell mousse.
Well first, I would say you should probably ditch the gel. Also, don't pull your hair back so tight. If the hair in the front are shorter, just let them hang a bit like a bang. Or when you do wear your hair back, intead of pulling on ur front hairs, just use a hair clip or bobby pin.

Is the patch of hair in the center or ur head where you secure your pony tails or where you put your headband at? If it's where you secure your pony tails, dont secure it in the center of your head anymore cuz that will only make it worse. That happened to me in 5th grade once. But my sis would braid my hair or put extensions in it till finally all the hair grew back. Maybe you could try that. Hope I helped
3c/4a in the front, 4b in the back, with a few sprinkles of 3c in random spots.

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