So I'm a 3c/4a (front/back) CG. I'm a sophomore in college and I was wondering if anyone had a specific regimen for when your hair needs a trim among your busy schedule. I don't know if I should trim it myself, get my hair straightened and trimmed by a professional (I REFUSE to straighten my own hair again), or stare at it longer and cry .

Any advice and/or tips would be awesome!

Confusion in the front/4a in the back and around the sides
Transitioning Natural since March 2005
Complete natural (Last of permed hair trimmed out) May 2008 (1 1/2 inches left)

Co-Wash: (Anything on hand atm)
Leave ins: Aussie Moist
Shampoo: Aussie Moist (only if I end up using gel or something out of the ordinary)
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