HELP!? Curly hair is sooo short! Need tips for growing!!!

I used to always wear my hair straight to school, and I absolutlely loved its length. Now that I'm wearing my 3a hair curly, its so much shorter (about shoulder length) and it looks really wierd! Is there any way I can grow my hair faster? Any products to help? I know that trims every once in awhile are supposed to help, but if I cut it any shorter it will look terrible!!! Your suggestions are appreciated!!!
Thanks =]
Current hair status: shoulder length & growing out.
Hair type: 3a/b
Goal: grow hair out so it won't scrunch up and look so short when it dries
Plan: Restore hair so it's back to healthy (eliminate split ends), trim once every few months
Mabye you just think that your hair looks wierd because you are used to it being long. I don't really know of anything that will make you hair grow faster. sorry! I am sure your hair looks beautiful though
I don't think trims work. It grows from your root, not from your ends.
Anyway, maybe this link helps:

Prenatal vitamins are supposed to help your hair grow faster.
Also, if your ends are very damaged and split, a trim will probably help your hair get long faster. I think if you go to a stylist, you would ask for a "dusting", meaning they will take off as little length as possible, just enough to get rid of the split ends on the ends of your hair.
Hope this helps!
3A, medium fine. Currently avoiding shampoos, 'cones, 'xanes and sulfates. Hair length - a bit beyond BSL. Mostly CG since July 2, 2008.

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