wavy hair overnight??

I love my super curly hair, but i get sick of it every once in a while. I like having my hair wavy, but it never gets that way anymore. What are some hairstyles that you wear overnight that make your hair wavy in the morning? When i braid my hair, it doesnt look very nice, so any other suggestions?
ive read somewhere that you could put some good sized buns all over you head and then take them down when you wake up
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what I do is
-wash my hair
-dry with a t-shirt to avoid frizziness (ew)
-put in french braid(s) - depending on how tight you want the waves, put more braids, more like cornrows, for tighter waves. one or two for nice loose waves.
-try sleeping on a satin pillowcase if you're really serious about this and would do it fairly often. this should keep the braids from frizzing too much.

the trick is to make sure that the braids are COMPLETELY dry before taking them out... i have SO messed this up before, it's not even funny how much of a mess my hair was.

also, try Herbal Essences (sp??lol) pin straight mousse... it never actually made my hair straight, it just relaxed the curls a little.

or, of course, there's always flat-ironing then curling, but that's never gonna happen.

OR (sheesh, more?) you can try the "American Girl Curls" that I used to do on my little sister's doll... you take an old t-shirt or pillowcase and cut it into strips, then you take a section of hair and tie the strip around the base. then twist the two together until it curls up on itself into a "U" shape. then tie the end of the strip to the loose end from the initial knot where you tied it to the hair. You may want to have someone else do this for you, because your arms may get tired =P

hope I could help!
I am a 3a/b with normal-coarse hair that is medium-thick and fairly porous.

Currently using:
~VitaminShampoo (CG )
~L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for medium to long hair that's curly/wavy
......wow that is a mouthful.
~Garnier Fructis curl-shaping spray gel
~Pantene curl defining mousse

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