How can i get taylor swift curls?

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I'm curious on how I can get pretty taylor swift hair... particularly products or techniques. i have naturally curly, thick hair - probably 3A - and i have tried sooo many products. What do u recommend?
Her hair is really pretty. If you are up to it, try using a curling iron to enhance the curls all around (it looks like she uses a curling iron) And when you get out of the shower, scrunch leave in conditioner evenly all around to create even curls all over!
I hope I could help a bit!!
I'd say she definitely uses a curling iron.

Depending on what products I'm using, my hair's mood, and my time, after I've scrunched well to otherwise get the curls started, I can get some of that effect by gently, loosely wrapping individual locks around my finger and releasing them without disturbing them, especially around the front and top, hanging upside down, before I start diffusing.

In other words, if the moon, stars and planets are all aligned just right, I might get some really good curls like that - sometimes . And all of this is after applying my product(s) immediately out of the shower on sopping wet hair then blotting with a Curlease, flour sack towel, or T-shirt.
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I actually have the same kind of hair taylor swift has but my problem is that they never stay ... they always end up going limp by the end of the day or few days so my advice is use a curling iron and dont touc your curls or they will go limp
i've had some success with garnier soft curl cream. (it is now under a different name with the same ingredients)

anyways. I just take a little swipe of it and define each and every curl. of course this is time consuming and boring, but this style of curls is labor-intensive, whether using heat (probably easier) or the alternative.
No one has Taylor Swift hair naturally. She has a stylist. She has a stylist with a curling iron. That picture that is of her "natural hair" is NOT how her hair looks if she comes out of the shower and puts some mousse in. It just doesn't happen.
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prior to reading this I was experimenting with multiple products and my curling iron. All in the hopes of having Taylor swift hair.
Here's what worked:
So I wash and condition my hair and AS SOON AS I GET OUT OF THE SHOWER, I throw some leave-in conditioner in it (I use aussie catch the way mousse and leave in conditioner) and then I gently plot it with a towel. Then I throw some mousse in it (Tresemme usually), heat protector (aussie sydney smooth heat protectant) and scrunch it a bit. If I have time, I would diffuse it... But diffusers and my hair don't agree, so I skip that.
Then, once it's air dried, I take my 1/2" curling iron and take small sections of my hair, twirling and wrapping my hair around it. Usually I'll already have some nice curls, so I only do what hasn't curled properly.
After all of that, it should be looking similar.

Good luck and I hope that helped!!
No one has Taylor Swift hair naturally. She has a stylist. She has a stylist with a curling iron. That picture that is of her "natural hair" is NOT how her hair looks if she comes out of the shower and puts some mousse in. It just doesn't happen.
Originally Posted by ReDDnStuFF
I agree with this.
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Yeah her hair is GORGEOUS but she does us a curling iron.

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What i do is I have a 3/4 inch conair curling iron, but I would recommend a 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch curling iron. What you should do is the wrap around method on your entire head to achieve her curls.

I adore this video for the look
What I do is scrunch in about a walnut size drop of mousse and blow dry it. Don't brush it out cuz it will take out the curls. This normally stays in all school day for me.
Originally Posted by pixiecut
TS is celebrity, so it is a given that she has multiple stylists managing how she (and her hair) looks.

I think some people do have TS-style curls though. My longer hair looks a lot like hers and I didn't really didn't do anything to my hair when it was that length. In other words, I don't think her hair (heat styled or not) is a miracle. Shrug.

If you hair is more wavy it might help to scrunch/diffuse upside down and plop with a hard hold gel.
1-1 1/2 curling iron. instead of clamping, wrap it around. thick at the top and spread it out as you get to the end of the iron. I do this all the time!
I'm a little disappointed that curling irons were the only thing recommended.. I personally can't use a curling iron to get that kind of affect. Frankly my hair is pretty resilient to any type of styling once it's dry and set, and I'm not terribly keen on using a lot of heat on my hair if I can help it. With that being said I've had a lot of success using flexi-rods. I'm a medium/coarse, thick 2C, but I've used this on several different hair types with a lot of success also. Here's a good video to give you an idea: How To Get Taylor Swift's Curls Without Heat! - YouTube (start around 3:15)

I wouldn't recommend the products she is using if you are Curly Girl because they aren't CG friendly. As far a product recommendations go I'd suggest a good leave in conditioner(I make my own), a touchable hold gel(I use tresemme defining gel, also not CG), and a smoothing serum or oil(coconut oil for me) before you put the curlers in. I also wouldn't suggest sleeping in them. They aren't particularly comfortable to sleep on, and if I leave mine in for more than hour my hair will shrink up at least 6 inches and the curls are too tight to get my fingers through, which kind of takes away from the look you're going for. ^_^
I would smooth your roots by stretching the curls a little or blow drying them some before using the curlers, so that the curls at your roots aren't tighter than those in your length. I think she mentions this, but to be sure, take larger sections of hair for looser curls, smaller sections for tighter. Anyways, sorry for the long post, hope this helps some.
Taylor Swift uses no product. She lets her hair dry naturally and touches it up in the morning with a curling iron.

To get the same effect, wash your hair and don't put anything in it except maybe a frizz serum or some coconut oil. Comb out your curls and let them dry overnight. In the morning, use a 3/4 inch spiral curling iron (this is what Taylor Swift uses: a spiral curling iron is different than a regular curling iron and produces a different curl) all around your head and hairspray lightly. Since you curled your hair on its natural texture it will usually hold the curl all day. don't forget heat protectant.

I've done this a couple times and people have told me it looks exactly like Taylor's. Good luck
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