new to wavy hair

i used to have stick straight hair, but in the past few years it turned wavy. it's not all that frizzy, it's just very puffy. i'm not really sure how to take care of my hair, so i've been straightening it every other day. i'm trying to get used to leaving it natural because during camp in the summer i can't have a straightener. any tips?
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My sister does what you do also. She has beautiful locks, but she dosen't know how to 'handle' it, so she straightens it. (One of these days I'm going to get her to wear it curly.) What I did before coming 'equal' with my hair was experiment. What kind of shampoo and condish or either do you use? I think that they are both the most necessary and important things to wearing it curly and natural... A good shampoo and conditioner. Try rubbing a little bit of gel or mousse through your hair, it would help control some of the poof and define the waves and curls,.. you could also try plopping, which will help your curls to clump together. Just experiment, and remember to give your hair the necessary moisture that the straigthening might have taken away.
it sounds like your hair is similar to mine-- but I might be curlier than you. i've always had wavy hair, but then I hit puberty and it curled up a lot more.try finding a stylist that knows how to enhance the curls rather than fight them; my hair looks much better curly than it does wavy. and ALWAYS have product in your hair-- otherwise it will feel horrible and flyaway. But that's just me.

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