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Hey guys! This might seem like a really stupid question, but I'm slightly confused how to make messy buns. Everyone seems to do it differently, so I was wondering what works best? I have really really thick 3b hair, and sometimes my buns just look like a second head growing from the back of my skull. Thanks for the help!
I am an expert at this! you'll need one hair elastic and LOTS of bobby pins.

First, gather all your hair into a ponytail, high or low, it doesn't really matter. Then, on the last loop of the elastic, instead of pulling hair all the way through, just pull it half way through. The hair should be in a loop. If it looks messy enough for you, stop here. If you are me, however...

take a random section of this loop and pin it to your head with a bobby pin. do this as many times as you want, until all the hair is pinned to your head. Shake your head a bit, and voila! messy bun!
I really struggle with messy buns, too. They either seem disastrously messy (like it could completely fall apart at any second) or it's perfectly neat, which isn't the goal either. I'll have to try this method!
you could try some of these ideasif your hair is long

or if its shorter i think this is cute
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I take my hair, like I'm about to put it in a pony tail.

Next, I decide what stray pieces I want out. I usually choose the cutest curls. After they're pieced out (not in my face but just to the side), I take my ponytail holder and keep looping it until the last one, where I only pull it through half way.

Or, you can put it in a full ponytail, then use bobby pins to create the loop. I find this difficult though.

Try putting in a barrette like this a little farther back before your stray pieces, so it looks sort of like this (hairstyle five in that picture).
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Thanks for those links Megan15. I also have trouble making messy buns. I have never seen that before and I already see some messy buns that I want to try out today. I am so visual and the pictures help!
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I can never get that method to work for me! Bits just stick up all over the place and it just looks the wrong type of messy!
What I do is collect all my hair in a vague bun shape and then stick a hair band/elastic around the "bun" and tuck in any bits of hair that have escaped!
Its probs cheating but I like it!
I use one of those skinny headbands from goody or something. I double it up and use it to make a ponytail in about the middle of my head. When I get to the last time around I twist my hair while pulling it through so my curls end up on top. I usually leave alot of curl out if I want it really messy looking; less if I'm going to be playing a sport or something. Then I form the curls into a bun-ish shape and secure it with a regular hair tie. Easy.
Ok, here's how I do it. I'm going to try to make this make as much sense as possible!
  • Bring all of your hair into your hands like you are about to make a ponytail.
  • Hold the hair with the hand the hairtye is on, and bring the hairtye half-way over your hair, almost to the first loop of a ponytail.
  • From this point, twist the hairtye and bring it over the other way.
  • It is normal to feel a lot of hair comming over with the hairtye. This is good because it looks more messy at the end.
  • If a lot of hair is hanging out, put another hairtye in. I usually pull some hair slightly out (slightly, like really) just so I don't get really tight roots and then POOF! A big messy bun.

Yay! I HTH!

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