Its absolutely disgusting i need solutions asap
There is already another topic on frizz in this section, look there.
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There is already another topic on frizz in this section, look there.
Originally Posted by embudini
What exactly is your problem? We can't help you if you don't post your routine, your products, etc. Saying "I HAVE FRIZZY HAIR" is really vague and ambigous and really doesn't anyone a way to help you. So if you want advice or recommendations or whatever, PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. Cuz, well, you're only hurting yourself.
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Use a boar bristle brush. it helps somewhat and so does moisture
Check the Product Reviews section for some kind of spritz you can get.
frizz...the bane of every curly girl's existance.
first of all. DO NOT TRY sunsilk's no frizz.
it does nothing.
my hair's frizzier than ever.
i would suggest curlz rock bycatwalk.
you'll have to go to a salon for it though
and its not cheep!
whenever you get your hair cut ask them for a deep condition.
its a little more but its totally worth it for soft, non frizzy moisturized hair.
good luck!
Much Love
don't dry your hair with a towel. i use a cotton tee shirt and i pat my ends and leave my top of my hair alone. hope this will work for ya!


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