Leave In...Rinse Out?!

Hey guys! I new to the site! I'm a 3b curlie and I have a question. One of my friends in college told me to style her hair she leaves her "rinse out" conditioners in her hair...so I started doing it...and I love the result...

Does anyone else leave in conditioner that is not leave in??
I've read other ppl that do too, but I was just wondering if any of yall do!

I use Frizz Ease Curl Around, HH Hello Hydration, or Suave Humectant....
If you do...what conditioners do you leave in?
I sometimes leave in a tiny bit of Aubrey's Organics. And I actually apply lustrasilk to my wet hair as a curl creme it's great!! Are you CG? Because if you are... Frizz ease isn't good!
3b-med texture-med porosity
CG from 21-05-09 2nd try!
Conditioners: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose, Aubrey Organics GPB Protein
Gel: Lavera Organic


No I'm not CG...I'm just regular lol.
But why isn't frizz ease good? I know the shampoo has really harsh ingredients, but I didn't see anything wrong with the conditioner.

O and yeah I use Lustrasilk in too! I love that stuff...and its supposed to be rinsed out, but I leave that in too.
Once I tried not rinsing my rinse out co, and I loved the results. Now I never rinse out co and my hair is so much happier!

Long-haired corkicelli on a college budget. Loving my God-given curls!
***CG since May 2009***
Hair loves:
- Suave Naturals Conditioner (Co-Wash)
- VO5 Conditioner (Leave-In)
- Tresemme Naturals (Rinse-Out)
- Any clear, alchohol-free gel
I've never done that. For some reason, the thought of it irks me. Just like starting CG is irking me just because so many people use shampoo then conditioner. Even though I know there's a scientific basis. xD
I'm growing my hair from chin length to mid-thigh length!
I do that but only once in awhile, if I do it too much my hair gets over-conditioned and the curls are limp. When I do, I usually use a lighter conditioner such as VO5 which is more liquid-y than a traditional conditioner.
My advice would be that you only do it once in awhile, especially if you are using a normal conditioner or something heavier.
Good luck!

CG since March 2009
Hair Type: 3a
Low-Poo: Naked Naturals (1x a month)
Co-wash: VO5 Tea Therapy
Deep Conditioner: Generic Value Conditioning Balm

Gel-Herbal Essence Set Me Up
Mousse- Aussie
Occasionally-Molasses and olive oil.
That's the only thing I do! I co-wash, rinse out, and leave in with the same thing, LVPNG. I love it and it works for me! Plus, it saves money and space.

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