12 hours to find good product!!!

I'm going to Target tomorrow, and if I don't get something then, I won't get it for a while.
Who has drugstore/supermarket type suggestions that I might find there - preferably one product (creams esp. I'd like to try, but gel suggestions are good too) that defines and de-frizzes?
I'm a...um, 3a...I think. I have a lot of it, and there's some 2 underneath that's really easy to pull out. I'm looking for a nice defrizzing curl definer and don't mind shrinkage 'cuz my hair is long - to my bustline dry & curly.
Please help!

Thanks in advance to all you nice posters!
umm you could try garnier fructis hard curl gel, and if it's too crunchy diffuse it (that's what I do)

I used to use Dep gels, I seem to remember them working well....

good luck!
2c/3a...very thin and fine... Modified CG (I co-wash everyday)

Suave Naturals Lavender Conditioner
LA Looks Sport Gel
I might be too late, but I highly reccomend LA Looks Mega Mega Hold Styling Gel. Its amazing, and incredibly cheap. Only about $3 for a fairly large bottle. It's by far my favorite hair product It is a gel, but I find gels better because they hold better without frizzing up (for me, at least).
well im not sure if Target will have this.
but try curlz rock by catwalk.
whatever you do dont get a mousse if you know what's good for you.
it just dries out your hair.
anyways, try and get a moisturising product/creame.
good luck on your search!
Much Love

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