Why isn't curly hair seen as attractive as straight hair

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Sorry, this is kind of long....

Okay, so last school year, I always wore my hair straight. I would straighten it out at least 4 times a week and it became really damaged, with all sorts of split ends and dead ends. At the end of the semester, I cut off about four inches and haven't straightened it since.

I've gotten used to my hair curly and am finally starting to like it! However, I was talking to one of my friends and I told her that I wasn't going to straighten out my hair anymore and she started trying to convince that I should at least straighten it out once a week because I look so much prettier with my hair straight and blah blah blah.

But the the thing is, I don't want too. Although I do agree I look prettier with my hair straight, I'm used to having it curly and I like it curly, plus I don't want to have to go through the hassle of straightening out my hair every day and almost everyone these days has straight hair, I want to be unique.

So, I guess my question is, why is straight hair seen as prettier and sexier than curly hair? What's wrong with having curly hair?
I don't know... I guess everyone is in this mindset that you must have straight hair to look pretty! Because no one these days appreciates naturally curly hair. I wish people appreciated curly hair more!
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i know how you feel. this year i wore my hair straight for almost the whole year until track season started. then i started wearing it curly because i didnt have time to straighten it because of homework and my track schedule. The first day i wore it curly, my science teacher asked me if it was real, or if it was a perm, and constantly made fun of it in front of me and behind my back (a TEACHER!!!) everyone noticed when my hair was straight, but no one commented on it when it was curly. I switched schools in 4th grade and i was known as the girl with the frizzy hair before anyone knew who i was. I guess celebs and models and all of those people straighten their hair or it is just straight, and they are considered beautiful, so curly hair is supposedly ugly. We actually debated the whole beautiful being defined by what we see on tv issue in my Bible class, and my hair was a good example, (but of course everyone in my class denied calling it frizzy) straight hair may be "in" now, but curly hair is starting to be the look now so we just need to hang in there and wait for curly hair to be what everyone wants. Then we will know that we are lucky that God gave us curly hair!
wow that was long
I totally know what you all are talking about!! At my school lots of people at least tell me oh your hair is so beautiful but you look so pretty with your hair straight you should straighten it!! At least they tell me they like my hair but then it always gets to why don't you straighten it. At my school we have a lot of... Followers. My bff is the one everyone follows around I guess you could call her the popular girl even though she's really nice not like the popular girls you see in movies so anways she has stick straight hair and since everyone wants to be popular they all want stick straight hair that's kinda the way it works at my school. It used to bug me but not so much because people still like my hair.haha anyways i think a lot of people secretly love your hair they just don't know what to say curly hair is exotic and eventually lots of people will appreciate that. I also agree with all of you saying that many movie stars not all of them though are wearing their hair Straight Which makeS people like straight hair to.curly hairs coming back unto style though just wait!!!! happy curls!!!
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I know and its sooo annoying!! but the thing is... would you rather have dry and damaged hair or healthy hair?? I would rather have healthy even if it was as well liked.
Most people think straight hair is prettier because it is smoother and not frizzy. My boyfriend likes when I straighten my hair because he can run his hands through it and says it feels so soft.

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I just figured out how to care for my hair last year so now my curls actually look good. And though everyone always thinks that I curl it every day (WHERE WOULD I FIND THE TIME??), tons of people always marvel at it (I live in Asia and so most people have straight hair... I'm probably the only girl in school with curly hair!) and comment about how pretty it is! Though when I straightened my hair once they all told me about how much better I looked and that I should straighten my hair >(

But ever noticed? Even though most people love straight hair for their everyday hairstyle, at formal events, people ALWAYS curl their hair! It's like a subconcious message telling us all that curly hair is WAY more glamorous and gorgeous
But ever noticed? Even though most people love straight hair for their everyday hairstyle, at formal events, people ALWAYS curl their hair! It's like a subconcious message telling us all that curly hair is WAY more glamorous and gorgeous
Originally Posted by magniloquent
Yeah... and then they get compliments that their hair looks great. It's like one's hair must be cosmetically perfect - either stick-straight or with exactly uniform curls.
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Yeah, I guess curly hair is seen as glamorous, but straight hair is more an everyday hairstyle. It sucks though because curly hair is seen as attractive when it's perfect curls, with a bunch of hairspray on.

But I don't care, I like my curly hair and I refuse to straighten it out everyday just so people give me compliments.
*Sigh* I understand you totally. It's hard being a curly in this world, especially in high school where everyone is judged purely on appearance.
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*Sigh* I understand you totally. It's hard being a curly in this world, especially in high school where everyone is judged purely on appearance.
Originally Posted by PeacexPassion
totally! i mean i think people just make fun of curly hair, calling it frizzy because THEY have curly hair and don't like it, so they dump on yours and straighten theirs. it's juvenielle and i hate it with a strong passion. they just need to get a life.
Hmmmmm I completely agree with you, I also feel prettier with straight hair and know for a fact that people think I'm prettier with straight hair. I love my curly hair as well and sometimes wish it was easier to straighten my hair because for me to do it takes me four hours. :/ I have just learned that I have to deal with my curly hair and not worry so much whether as to other people find me attractive ....it is very hard to think this way but if I want to keep my hair healthy and nice I have to do this.
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I havnt really noticed the whole straight hair is more attractive thing. In my own experience, my friends with straight hair complain about not having curls. Its the feature of me that i get the most compliments on.
Yeah, i must admit that in the media more women have straight hair. Curly hair is in now anyway, so finally us curly girls can be on trend! Haha
I think that they just think straight hair is prettier because it's what they're used to seeing and/or what they have. Hahaha. I actually find it insulting when people tell me that I look better with straight hair and that I should get it straightened. Oh well. Boo them. Kidding.
I hate it, but I can't help but buy into it. I love the look of my actual hair when it's wavy, & it's so much easier/healthier. But straight hair flatters my face a heck of a lot more, & people are always quick to point that out. It's so tempting to straighten it so that my face looks better
It's not because curly hair is unattractive or because people actually don't like it.
It's because the conformist society wishes everyone to conform to the status it sets.
You have to be thin, you have to wear that type of clothes...and you have to have straight hair.

But, curlies everywhere, stand out and tell the world you will only be what YOU want to be , not what THEY want to make you in.
Because curls are original, unusual and BEAUTIFUL.
They make you stand out and shine.
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I too have felt like this at times. For prom I had my hair straightened and the ends curled. I got a lot of stares and compliments from friends and strangers of both sexes. This one guy who I had thought was cute, but rarely talked with said "God your hair looks amazing!" and he kept smiling at me the rest of the night... In all honesty though, I think curly whatever type can look just as good as straight (or fake-curled in my case...) it's just about cutting it in a shape and to a length that flatters the face right and most importantly is worn with confidence! I think it is no coincidence that strangers praise me more on my hair when I'm feeling confident about myself.
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Of course WE all know our curls are divine! At least I hope we can all grow to love the hair we have. So much of what people feel about physical traits like hair and body type stems from the media. I'm a multiracial girl who grew up "black" because people defer to whatever they see as the most prevalent feature. In my case, it was skin tone. In the African American community, there's so much self-hatred and underlying self-inflicted racism that possessing hair or skin tone which is 'different' or unique can make you a target for abuse. Because black women are most often seen with chemically straightened hair or purchased hair, you really stand out with curls.

I think simply because I'm identified as black at first glimpse, people think my curls are extra beautiful. In fact, many compliments are laced with racist ideas, which makes them hard to take. For example, "Ooooh who would've thought that your hair could DO that? I thought you were black! Are you mixed? What color was your mother?"

"You're SO lucky you don't have black hair," most often from the mouths of black folk, sadly.

What's devastating is how accepting we've been as a society to the pigeon-holing we've tolerated for so long. I dread filling out questionairres that ask me to define my race, as if it matters. We subscribe to the bs that's fed to us by the media and general public and it weakens who we are. It makes us insecure about what WE have, when our differences are what makes us so beautiful.

Straight hair is boring to me. I've never fit into a box comfortably and that includes my hair. I've grown to enjoy being different and hard to peg. The times I have straightened it, I've always felt I was missing some key part of my identity.
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It seems that most of the people who like curly hair are people my parents age.

people my age say that my hair looks awesome, and I get heaps of compliments yet they COMPLEAIN about how curly THEIR hair is (only a slight wave).
I don't really know what to say to this. I love my curly hair and i enjoy leaving it curly but it never gets me compliments. I love variety so sometimes i straighten my hair and sometimes i don't but i never get complimented much for either all i know is that the girls in my class straighten their hair all the time and it sickens me! My friend and I are the only ones who keep our hair curly i know for a fact that the others do have wavy hair except for a few who keep their hair natural but hey that's the way it is here in ireland if your cool u have straight hair if you're "weird and different" you have naturally curly hair but i don't give a damn about them anymore think of it like this ok, you can have naturally curly hair and feel happy with it while they obviously have such low self esteem they have to straighten their hair.
i know this is a major ramble but hopefully it comes across the way i hoped it would : love your natural hair, do what ever u feel is right for you with your hair and don't listen to the curly haters!!

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