How to get my curl pattern back after 3 years of straightening!

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Hello everyone
I am new here.I'm 13 years old and have 3b hair type.I was just wondering how to get my naturall curl pattern back?

I have been straightening my hair for 3 years now and as a result it has left some of my hair straight.I have been natural for 3 months now and have got some of my curl pattern back but some of my hair at the top back and front is still straight (like straw)How can I get my beautifull curls back

I long to have luscious locks
reply ergently thankyou.
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Well, it sounds like your hair needs a little TLC. I'm not sure if your natural curl pattern will come back completely unless you grow it out, but there are some ways that you can nurture it back to health and maybe regain your curl.

Protein treatments are great for damaged hair. If you take an egg, a few tablespoons of mayonnaise, and a teaspoon of olive oil, it'll do wonders for damaged hair. Just leave it on for about a half-hour, then rinse with warm water and condition as usual. That's how I keep mine in great condition, even though I dye it monthly, if not weekly.

Deep conditioning treatments are great as well; I recommend Aussie's 3-minute Miracle or one of Pantene's hair masques. Also the aforementioned mayonnaise is really good for conditioning, if you can stand to have to smell on your hair for a half-hour or so.

Something that you could consider is if only patches of your hair are straight, you can curl it with a curling iron while it's growing out. If you use a really good heat protection spray and keep up a conditioning and protein regimen, it shouldn't damage your hair that much more, if at all.

Thankyou so much for replying.
I will definately try those treatments
I am currently using mixed chicks deep conditioner, leave in and shampoo its great.
I am trying to grow my hair have been for 3 months now it has grown around 2 inches and is just past my shoulder when dry and bra lengh when wet(hate it when my hair shrinks)
however eventhough I'm using deep conditioners some hair still isnt curling but will keep trying though
is there any over way to get curls back?
But I dont want to use heat because i am trying to go all natural
thanks for the quick reply x
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Well, if you don't want to use heat, you can always use the standard rollers; put them in damp hair at night, sleep on them (the foam kind, not those horrible velcro-like things, those are EVIL), and take them out in the morning. If you use some sort of gel on your hair before you use the rollers, it should stay like a charm, though it might need a little hair spray.

If you're using a leave-in conditioner, you might want to check to make sure that it's not too heavy for your hair; everyone's hair reacts differently to it, and not all leave-in leaves the same weight on your hair. Mixed Chicks is supposed to be pretty awesome stuff, so it's highly doubtful, but it can't hurt to check.

If you're brushing your hair when you get out of the shower, stop. Brush your hair only when you're in the shower and it's slathered in conditioner. When you get out of the shower, scrunch it upward with a towel to dry it, then use whatever products you like on your hair, but use the same scrunching technique to apply any product. Always scrunch hair upwards, because that keeps the curl formation from breaking.

I totally agree with the protein masks~!! once a week!! that's what worked for me and I also trimmed every few months to keep cutting off fried and dead ends. also, don't uses anything with cones or alcohol.
Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

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Also, try hot oil treatments, using coconut oil!! my hair looooves it. If your hair is dried out your curls are thirsty for some moisture and that will spring it back to life. Good luck!
Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds."-Bob Marley

“There are only two types of women - goddesses and doormats”- Pablo Picasso

I will defenately try those protein masks sounds great
I will i also get a trim more often to my last trim was 2 months ago.But the hairdressers werent very good though (not perfesionals cutting curls) dont really no anywhere that is.ahh well will look.
You guys hair looks great in your pictures so will definately take your advice thanks.
I know exactly how you feel! I use to ALWAYS pull my hair back into a tight ponytail or bun and i would straighten my hair often. Then i just had a revolution! I wanted to be natural, the only thing was, my hair had been through so much "stress" with the tight ponytails and flat irons. MY HAIR DID THE EXACT SAME THING!

it was very curly underneath and at the bottom; and near the front and on top it was straight pieces!!

I have been natural for about a year and my hair looks wonderful! i know it can be tempting to straighten your i would cut back to only straightening the hair only once a month ( and that means just ONCE; daily touch ups on roots and ends are NOT allowed. so if it needs to be touched up just leave it or wash ur hair and go back to natural ) then i would begin to wear my hair in a loose "half up half down" hair style. just like ur situation. the pieces in the front were straight. so wearing it like this allowed me to where the curly part natural and still look nice. I would just scoop my hair back from ear to ear and put a clip in it. DO NOT BRUSH IT BACK TIGHT. that would still put tension on it.

to sum things up. you are just going to have to take things slow and be patient. cut your ends! that gets rid of the over worked and straight pieces in a uniformal way. just get regular cuts and trims. and lay off the flat iron! ;D

also leaving conditioner and combing your hair when you take a shower is a good trick for easy styling!
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Hi.... Although ive not much to add, everything has been covered by the fantastic advice that has already been given, I just wanted to reassure you that Yes!! your curl pattern can come back.
I straightened my hair everyday, twice a day for years and years since i was about Im 17 an have not touched a pair of starightners (apart from my fringe/bangs) for nearly a year. My curl pattern is not quite as it was. Its no longer ringlets but i dont expect it to be but the curls have improved drastically and are still improving.
Well done for wanting to get back you natural curls and Im sure you will get the results you are looking for thatnks to all the fantastic people here
whoa, are you my long lost twin??? This is so weird!

Im thirteen too, and have been straightening for two and a half years, close to three years. And i have 3b hair. the only difference is i have been getting a relaxer done once every year for a couple years, my last one in late august of this year. But with my medium-course hair, it only softened the curl a little

And I know how you feel! My bangs and hairs around my face are completely straight with curly roots from new growth. It sucks.

as i am a cg newbie (one week ), i suggest that you listen to these lovely ladies on this site, who have really helped me alot! And do deep treatments like im planning
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I'm 3a/b as well im also 13 and although i rarely straightened my hair was damaged quite a bit, I've been cg or mod cg in the beginning since june. Even though i rarely straightened my hair still does the tight curl at the root then kinda relaxes into a curve, i guess its just remaining damage. Anyways theres not much more to say theres already been so much good advice.
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hi. well i have a question too. well my story is sorta like the straightening one. but ever since i was two or three my hair always got brushed or combed out a lot. since the beginning of this june or middle i stopped brushing it out. and i can see some of my curls starting to come back. i was wondering what i could do hair had bethat would help bring my curls back. so it was about eight or nine years that i had been brushing it out.
o and one more thing my hair is in like ringlets and u know how it has the pictures of the three curly girls they show when ever u first get on here - the dirty blond, redhead, and the black lady- my hair is like the red head ladys but still some ringlets
First of all just wanted 2 say HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 my mom. Luv ya!
I have a problem with some of my hair falling straight. It's so annoying! I have 3c hair i believe. The hair in the front went straight. I'm thinking the reason is cuz everyday i would put my hair in a half-up do with a clip and eventually that hair that sat in the clip got used to being like that so it went like that permanently. I hate it! I'm thinking about cutting the straight part off and trying to make it blend in with the rest of my hair cuz obviously its gonna b shorter n look weird. I'll let u guyz know how it goes if i do it
modified cg status (only shampoo before & after straightening, which i only do less than 1ce a month)
3c type hair (i think)
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style: LA Looks sports gel (amazing!)
im not sure how i can help you but i think i know someone who can!

i found her blog a couple of weeks ago....
she is a teenage girl, naturally curly, and had gone through some heat damage
she answers an questions that you may have...hers the link to her blog:

couldnt subscribe because i dont have a blogspot but super helpful! i've asked maybe 7 questions in the past week and she answered them all pretty quickly....hope that helps

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im 23 y/o i was born with 3c hair, very tight ringlets/afro. When i was about 13 y/o i started to get bullied for having an afro, it was so upsetting, so i started stairghtening my hair everyday. Over the last 10 years, maybe a handfull of times a year i would wear my hair curly, but each year my curls would become looser and looser. Now i've binned my hair stairghteners and im going back to my natural curls. At first, my hair could only come out in very loose waves (2b), but over the last few weeks i've been experimenting with different products to get my lovely curls back. It's been a month now, and my hair has gone from very loose waves, to loose curls (2c/3a). Yesterday i got my first ringlet back super happy.

The products i have been using and that i find work the best are:
  • Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo
  • Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner
  • Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating oil
  • Sofn'free - Curl Activator Lotion (2 in 1 activator & moisturizer)
The moroccan argan oil helps repair and restore shine and softness while helping to strengthen your hair. The sofn'free lotion reactive your curls and replaces moisture lost from hair during colouring, perming, shampooing, heat, etc.
After washing your hair, towel dry til slightly damp (scruching your hair, not rubbing) and then put on the argan oil, starting with your tips working up (keep scruching). Then put on the sofn'free lotion, working it through your whole head (and keep on scruching), let it dry naturally and you will be left with soft curly hair. Avoiding washing your hair everyday, as it causes more harm then good. On the days you are not washing your hair, spray your hair with water (not too much, just enough to make it damp), then add the argan oil and the sofn'free lotion, allow to dry and you have your curls again. I know it sounds like alot of hassle, but it is totally worth it when you see the end result (your beauitful curly hair again).

If like me, you find the front of your hair still refusing to curl, take the front section of your hair, twist and put into a quiff. This helps encourge your hair to get your curls back, whilst hiding your stairght bits from your friends.

This has helped my curls. I hope it helps yours too.
I don't think I have anything really to add to the advice already given...So I just wanted to say that I wish I had realized how amazing curly hair is at 13! I have just gone cg at 17, and wish I had found it years ago! Keep away from cones, sulfates and straighteners, and you're curls WILL return. It's not easy, and i get frustrated every day, but the health of your hair is worth it! Good luck!
Hello everyone
I am new here.I'm 13 years old and have 3b hair type.I was just wondering how to get my naturall curl pattern back?

I have been straightening my hair for 3 years now and as a result it has left some of my hair straight.I have been natural for 3 months now and have got some of my curl pattern back but some of my hair at the top back and front is still straight (like straw)How can I get my beautifull curls back

I long to have luscious locks
reply ergently thankyou.
Originally Posted by MJ4ever
I have done the same thing with flat irons. I am also allowing my hair to go natural. I have very long hair. The weight has also pulled some curl out. I was a hairdresser before I retired. I can suggest that if you can find a stylist that uses a razor to trim your hair it will help to regain some curl. Also to have some layering will help to the spring back in the curl. Blunt scissor cuts tend to droop and straighten natural curly hair. Also, you may want to stay away from gel products. They leave a heavy build up of residue, even after shampooing. Light weight mouse or butter conditioner that you rinse out is better. In a lot of cases, the less product the better. Rinse out conditioners are better for not leaving residue that will build up over time of use. Condition in shower and combing with pick or large tooth comb is good for even distribution of products. Once you have rinsed conditioner out, towel excess water from hair and comb while still wet. Once hair dries, use a spray on leave in conditioner to touch up hair after it has dried. Never comb or use a brush on dry natural curly hair. You will get breakage and damage. I would suggest you get rid of any bristle brushes! A vent brush to maybe soften hair around face is all you will need in your collection. Good luck and hope your get your desired hair and styles.
Hello! I have the same problem. I straightened my hair for three years and decided I wanted to go curly again. Unfortunately it's not that easy. After I stopped straightening, the back and top of my head went back curly, and the front stayed straight. And when I say straight, I mean like stick straight. Not even a wavy pattern. I talked to a friends stylist, who has curly hair, and she told me that the only way to regain the curl is to let the straight grow out. I know, it sucks. After a few months of not straightening, the first two inches of my hair, the new growth on the top, is curly. So I know that within a few years (yes I know that is a long time) my curly hair will be replenished. The reason why it won't go back curly on its own is because the hair at the front of your head is weaker and has a weaker shaft and becomes damaged more easily, while the hair at the back is stronger. You probably noticed that the back of your hair was harder to straighten. It will take a while for the straight to grow out but it will be worth it eventually. In the mean time, I put my hair in a half pony tail to hide the straight hair, and I've considered getting the front permed. I'm going to try and I will get back to you on how well it worked!
Hi i just joined in hopes of getting some answers about my hair. I have terrible heat damaged hair, it doesn't even curl anymore, just my roots....Kind of. But i am cutting my hair into a bob like hair cut tomorrow and i was wondering if that would help get my natural curl pattern back. And when i get it would i wear my hair naturally?

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