I haven't straightened my hair in ____________________(fill in the blank)...

It's that some you have said you only straightened it because of your classmates because that's what happened to me. I told my friends, I wasn't gonna straighted it anymore, and they kept bugging me to straighten it because it looks so pretty straight. But I like it curly now, I got so used it. Once in a while it's good for change, but curly is the best!

p.s. Lody I'm in impostor too. I'm also 20.

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It has been one month since I last straightened my hair . I plan on never straightening my hair again because I look way better with my natural hair then with straightened hair.
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I wanna say about 10-11 months, I have a Sedu straightener, and used it religiously for a long, long time, doing some really bad damage to my hair, it's been sooooo much better, softer, and less broken!!!! lol

I haven't straightened my hair in 2 years. Because I have so much hair, it's so much of a hassle to straighten it. The hassle to straightens outweighs the urges of other people to straighten it, thus I don't straighten it.

In other words, I'm too lazy to straighten.
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Five months!
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10 months!
After a frightening experience concerning my hair falling out, I removed the straightener from my life and refuse to turn back to it. I love my curly hair, no matter how stubborn it is!
Embracing my curls!
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I have gone 4 months without straightening my hair!
I made the biggest mistake of my life last May and cut off my long beautiful hair!
So I mostly quit straightening it cuz it was to short and I couldnt straighten it without burning myself.
Now I just love my naturally wavy hair and I cant wait for it too grow back
not since august, you do the math =)
i've gotten to the point where i really don't like it straight anymore, although i know i will again in the future. maybe during a busy week so i don't have to worry about it =)
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I love my hair even if other people don't.
I actually flat ironed it in the beginning of January and just washed my hair today so its back to its crazy curliness.
20+ years. I last chemically straightened in college, and I haven't tried to blow-dry it straight or flat-iron since then either.
Location: Texas
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its been 7 months.
but i plan on straightening it in february.
**colored, shoulder length unstretched**
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Er, never. :P
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Right now: growing hair past shoulder-length, looking to take decent hair picture (my avatar is my first day of CG).
Hmm I haven't straighten my hair since homecoming in october so about 4 months. I love my hair straight but it refuses to stay straight. I had it professionally flat ironed at a salon for my homecoming in the morning and by the time i was ready to go to homecoming i had to touch up a couple of places myself. It's not worth it to try and get my hair to stay straight.
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I straightened mine yesterday
just for a change
It's been two years. At the time it was crazy long and took between two and three hours. :P

One of my friends wanted to do it last weekend but we didn't. I kinda don't want to because the current hair on my head has NEVER BEEN STRAIGHTENED. Or shampooed. Or brushed. Which is crazy.
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Well it was 7 months, but then I ran out of time, needed it to look good for an event, & caved. I also brushed it while blowdrying... over a week later & I'm still paying for that mistake!
I straightened my hair the past two days I just was having bad hair days left and right and knew my hair would look good if it was flat-ironed... but now I'm wondering if it was worth it because when I diffused my hair this morning it just fell all flat. Blahhh!

Also, I'm 22, didn't realize this was in the teen forum, haha!

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ummm.....yesterday?? BUT IT WAS CURLED <---I know doesn't make sense since im already curly........

SO...not all off the hairs on my head have been curled/straightened since I got it cut yesterday.....
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Two weeks! Since it's winter I have to wet my hair every morning if I want to wear it curly, and that's freezing! So I usually just flat iron it. ):
I'm growing my hair from chin length to mid-thigh length!

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