I haven't straightened my hair in ____________________(fill in the blank)...

I'd say like about 1and a half to 2 months since I flat ironed it. I usually only flat iron or special occasions.
I had been straightening my hair for the past week because I got so fed up with my curls. The last time I straightened it was about 9 hours ago, but as soon as I did it, I gave up and washed it to get my curls back. It goes puffy-straight and looks terrible... Can't win either way lol.

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August 2008, for a wedding I went to,
3b/3c. S curls with coils at the end. Normol porosity. Medium texture, super elastic... Barely SL, hoping to go BSL.

Water wash
RO: Garnier Triple Nutrition.
Leave in: Suave naturals coconut
Styling products: Biotera curling cream with a few drops of honey.
DT: I'm experimenting.

I <3 satin XD
About 3 weeks ago. I plan to straighten it for graduation in June MAYBE. I like that is doesn't take me two hours to do my hair anymore.
3 months! *dances*
I used to straighten it everyday too.

3a, fine hair, high density, normal porosity and elasicity
Low poo: Coloresse Moisture Shampoo
PT: Cure Care Conditioner
Sealant: Grapeseed oil
Other useful things: Homemade spray gel (diluted LI, gel, and sealant)
Love plopping and air drying!
Hate blow drying (cept for my bangs which *gasp* I blow dry straight!)
It's been about 3 months or so!
CG since 3/11/2012

Engaged. Wedding date: 02/26/2016

Type 2C (Botticelli according to Curly Girl: The Handbook)
iii Density
Medium-Coarse Texture
Normal Porosity
Normal Elasticity
HATES: Traditional sulfates/cones.
LOVES: Lots of moisture and homemade FSG!
(Many thanks to
http://www.livecurlylivefree.com/ for helping me figure out my texture, porosity, and elasticity properties! Check them out sometime!)
I'm 16 and I've only ever had my hair strightened 3 times. Once when I was about 9 because I begged my mom, once because a friend wanted to see if it would work, and about 7 months ago when I got my hair cut. The styelist said it would be easier to cut stright......not so sure that was a good idea. Sure she used a chi and it looked awesome, but I'm pretty sure that curly hair should be cut curly, not stright.

I think the reason i hardly ever strighten my hair is because it takes hours upon hours to do, I don't even own a strightener, and becasue I can't do it myself because I just don't have the paitiense lol
so i'm not quite a teen anymore (almost 21) but i just wanted to chime in and say that it's been about 5 and a half months since i've last straightened! i'm to the point where i'm almost tempted to throw my straightener away! i just don't want to use it anymore =)
somewhere between fine and medium texture
average porosity underneath, fairly high porosity in the canopy

cowash: Suave Tropical Coconut
rinse-out: GFTN, One-C
styling: LALSG, EcoStyler, Deva Styling Cream

A month! Holy crap.
Big chop: 5/30/10
CG, clarify with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo when needed
Dense, medium-fine strands, lowish porosity. Avoiding glycerin outside the shower.
Cowash:Suave Coconut Conditioner.
Leave in: YtCucumbers and EVOO
Styling Products: Flaxseed gel, Phillip B Soft Hold Gel, KMF Upper Management Gel
DC: Doctored GVP or Suave conditioner
Cleanser: Bentonite clay
I haven't straightened my hair ever, only because, I don't have the products nor the tools to do it. Lol @ myself.
lol, I just realized that it hasn't even been a month yet since I went natural and joined this place!
Unless you count straightening your bangs, I did that yesterday :V
i haven't straightened my hair in 5 days.... :/
i kinda give up straightening in the summer becuz my hair just frizzes and curls up anyways, so why bother?
about a year!

but....... i just got a new haircut and im DIEING to see how it is now!

so i'll probably straighten it in about 2 weeks

though it takes an hour and a half to straighten...
i would say 16 months?
and it was only because i was dying it and needed to get the roots reeeally good.

It's been 2 years since i've straightened my hair, and it was only a little bit of side-bangs, but it's been about 4 years since i've fully straightened my hair!
over two years, but even then it was only twice 'cause mates wanted to see what it looked like

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