Do yu attract more boys when yr hair is straight or curly ?

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I look older with straight hair, so I get more attention with straight hair.
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Both equal.....some years ago I chopped my hair about an inch long and i definitely noticed less attention

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Curly, I think. Although some don't like it and say mean things, a lot do.
When it's straight.

Not that I can blame them - I don't think it's a prejudice against natural hair, I just know that my 4b/4c looking hair doesn't blend well with ANY style I try, and, so, it does look like I bit of a strange contrast. (Especially because my relaxed ends are thriving with all of the new attention I'm giving them, so, they're shiny and voluptuous and refusing to hold a curl no matter what I do... In other words, straight.)
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I think having curly hair gives you a more feisty ( if your hair is big and a bit frizzy). It all depends on the boy.
hmmmm, I never wear my hair straight, because it just looks frizzy and strangely unnatural. Quite a few guys have said that they love my curly hair, probably because it seems a little more sensual and uncontrolled

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