Do yu attract more boys when yr hair is straight or curly ?

Like Tree4Likes hair only became really curly in the past few years, and I only noticed it this year -- I thought it was just frizzy before. I only bought a straightening iron this December, when I'd given up on my hair. I used it a few times, and the girls said it looked nice. It takes forever, though, and my flat iron is not very good quality. I found this website a bit later, went curly, and then the guys started saying "You look nice today." I also get more compliments from everyone in general. So yeah, I'd say curly. It looks a lot better with my face, anyways
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I'd say when it's curly, I went to the mall with my hair curly (for the first time) and it was in an updo that I had created with a bantu knot-out (i'm transitioning!) and almost every guy almost broke his neck haha! I love it, its different and more exotic looking compared to my straight, flat, dull, and boring relaxed hair.

guys look at me more when my hair is straight. ugh! its so annoying sometimes. People even make rude comments like " you should straighten your hair all the time" " you don't look cute when your hair is curly"
its so rude and annoying.
i love my curls. why can't everyone else?
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Definately when it's straight. Everyone loves my hair curly but thats what theyre used to. When I straighten my hair, it looks blonder, people can actually see I have it styled, and my face stands out more. lol! When my hair is straight I get compliments more on my eyes. People say it looks great straight and then they're like, "oh hey youve got nice eyes too!" LOL. But most of my guy friends prefer it curly. In fact, one of my close guy friends only dates girls with curly hair. weird!
3b hair

Started CG July 29th 2009!

When my hair is curly, More guys tend to come and touch my hair and when i started wearing my hair curly (not too long ago, maybe 1 month) Many boys started asking me for my phone number ;] when i Straighten my hair people say that my hair is shiny, (less attention)
Curly hair is pretty hair (:
so for all you high school ladies out there--don't worry.
guys in high school might pay more attention to you when you straighten your hair but let's be real here, it's high school. college is a whole different world and the standards of high school don't exist. i can tell you that i've gotten more attention from guys because i'm "original and different" which is "really attractive" because of my hair. like, i've literally had those exact compliments before in regards to my hair. so guys right now might be brain washed because they are used to seeing straight hair but trust me, it'll change =)
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emthefantastica, I agree 100%.

My boyfriend likes my hair better curly because he says it "fits my face shape better", which it does, since I have a long face and my straight hair tends to exaggerate that. Interestingly, and I don't know why this may be but it's just something that has happened enough to make me notice, when my hair is curly I get more attention from black or ethnic guys than when it is straight, when I tend to only get noticed by white guys. African hair tends to have that natural kink to it that is really beautiful so maybe when they see a white girl with super curly hair, they appreciate it more than a white guy who prefers girls who fry and dye their hair until it's straight and blonde!


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I use the super-soaker method

I pull more guys definitely when my hair is straight.
When my hair is curly I get more hair compliments from guys that already know me and people in general.
So maybe guys who don't know me are intimidated...idk
I find I attract boys with my curly hair. They love to pull a curl and watch it spring back into place.
3c-4a [i think], coarse and normal/low porosity.
re-starting CG method on 08/13/10

co wash : V05 raspberry with chamomile.
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Well since I constantly straighten my hair I'd probably say curly because guys seem 2 talk 2 me more. But luckily this summer I'm letting it grow and ironing it much less since school is over maybe hopefully next year I'll only be able 2 straighten it once a month or less
i get way more attention when i let my hair go curly and i use to hate it but its cool now and even though all my girl friends say they love it way more strightened i like it better curly....its easier to handle
straight sadly... idk in my town curly hair is just wierd and its sad cuz no guys like it.. plus the fact that my hair is more curly then wavy but whatever i dont care I'm on CG and i like my hair wavy! it takes too long and is too damaging to straighten it all the time!
*2b/2c wave/curl things
fine hair, low porosity


experimenting to find a routine

my hair always seems to look good wet, but as soon as it dries it's all frizz and no curl!
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I rarely ever straighten my hair, but on the rare occasion that I do, it seems as though all the girls love it and all the guys hate it and tell me to go back to normal :P So I'd say that I get more attention from guys when it's curly. In fact, my boyfriend said that that's part of the reason he was attracted to me in the first place! He said it made me stand out and that made him want to get to know me :P But he might be biased because he has curly hair too.
Well, my best friend (who is a guy) LOVES my natural hair. He prefers it over my pressed out hair, because it's big and floofy and he just finds that I look most beautiful when I'm 100% my natural self. Most of the girls, however, prefer my hair straight, I guess just because that's what they're used to seeing :/, but hey! I embrace my natural hair, so no complaints here .
On the train yesterday, I got a few looks from dudes in suits. But they looked to be in their 20's and 30's, and I'm 16. It's always been that way though. Guys my age ain't neva tried to holla at me. I don't like being hollered at though, so it's all good.
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Hahah, well I AM 12 (almost 11)

and I just posted this before i saw this thread

I think I'm feeling slightly better, hahah.

Dang, up there I said I'm almost 11, I mean almost 13.

After my curly hair was more noticeably layered i got compliments when I wore it like that once or twice but I usually straighten it, it jsut doesn't straighten very well. But the first time it was ever curly a bald afro-textured hair guy (I've seen his hari longer) said my hair looked cool, and even my teacher said she thought it looked better like that. After it's layered my friend with perfect, healthy looking pin straight hair said my hair looked really really good, and a dude who I'm pretty sure doesn't like me (because he's outgoing and laid back, I'm self-conscious and not exactly opening to people I don't already know really well) said he liked my hair, and he's nice, so I don't think he was screwing with me.

On the other hand, the guy I liked never acted any different (but he did look into my eyes one time it was curly, but he did that a lot, he just never talked to me hahah) and I've never been asked out fo realz (I don't think the ones who asked me out actually liked me or thought i was pretty)

So I honestly don't know.
i am 18 now and i started straightening my hair when i was 16. people told me that they liked it wayyy better straight so i started to everyday but it took forever so i only did occasionally. this past year(my junior year) i was curly half the time and straight the other. i love my curls and always have. i haven't straightened at all this summer and decided to go CG. this is like my second day. my bf isn't thrilled though, cause he likes it better straight
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love to read
I love my curly hair! I used to straighten it all the time but I started getting really bored with it. I think I attracted more guys with my curly hair. My boyfriend loves it
I def stand out more ppl call me curlie gurlie and im like the only girl in my skool who doesnt straighten there hair my frends r super jealous cus they say its sooo pretty and u can always pik me out of a crowd

btw i have 3b light brown hair that goes a little past my shoulders
not sure. i think when it's straight.
i got my first boyfriend when i was natural, plus a few other boys liked me.
but after i started straightening my hair, i got more attention from guys i think.
2b & 2c
high porosity
high density

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I straighten, blow out, bleach, and dye my hair.

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