Do yu attract more boys when yr hair is straight or curly ?

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Straight hair BY FAR. Guys avoid me like the plague when it's curly (I do know of some people who are attracted to it, but they're all 5'2" and it's kind of creepy) generally, but when I straighten it, everyone's like, "Oh, it looks so good! Oh, you should wear it like that everyday! Oh, now that your hair fits the social norm, I wish to fornicate with you!"
HAHAHAHHAHA. That's not even a huge dramatization.

The problems, of course, outweigh out "good" I look, like the fact that my hair is already damaged and has super high porosity. Unless it's, like, December and dry, I cannot, under any circumstance, straighten my hair. It doesn't stay put, as demonstrated by failed experiences in middle school. (Doesn't help that I go to a campus-style school.)
3a. Hiiiigh porosity. ii density. Fine.

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I get more attention wiht curly hair. I tried so hard to get my hair straight when one day I decided to wear it curly and I got 3 comments the minute i walked of the bus. Curl hair dosent really make me look 12 because i am 12 lol.But straight hair just curls right up and damages your hair, curly hair is easier, better for your hair, and... um... awesomer
I get more attention in general when my hair is curly, just because I usually wear it really really big

Also, it seems like I get more attention from black guys when my hair is straight or pulled back, and more white guys when it's out and curly. I'm sure there's cultural/societal factors at work here, but I have a million theories when it comes to those...that's a discussion for another day. (Lol, I'm so nerdy )
I've only worn my hair straight once this year, at a party (but it was only with my grade), and IDK, I guess I got some compliments? Ok, fine, I got a lot. People are still asking me to straighten my hair more - actually, back when I used to hate my curls, the only thing that stopped me from straightening them more was the time consument.

I guess though that my hair is a [I]lot[I] longer when it's straight.

It doesn't help that there are only two other curlies in my grade - one is Keratin-happy, and her hair is great, and the other has these funky silicone coated brushed out waves. IDK.
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I think, I get alot more atention when my hair is all curly, because at the school i go to, EVERY girl in the eighth grade flat irons their hair, And then theres me,
I honestly think curly hair is the prettyiest, (spelling? lol) mine is about halfway down my back, and i swear, when i come out of the shower, is weighs more then me.
Honestly i think guys are more drawn to girls with straight hair. For the last 6 months I have worn my hair curly but more people, guys and girls, would make comments about my hair basically being a weapon of mass obstruction. When it is straight, however, they would always say it looks "more normal" or "better" straight.
I get more attention when its curly AND long...when its short I get more attention with it straight

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I think that I get the same amount of attention, but when it's straight I feel a little more confident (not completely comfortable with curls yet) which then makes me notice boys looking more.
It's not the hair, it's the confidence!
i think it depends on which hair YOU're more comfortable with. if you like your curly hair more, and you're proud of it, i think more people will notice your confidence and therefore you will attract more people/boys. but if you don't feel like yourself with straight hair (i know i wouldn't), then it will show and it'll seem like you're not comfortable in your own skin. at least that's how i see it.

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ya...i feel both ways...alot of guys during class love to play with my hair curly. but when my hair is straight i feel guys look at me more
Definitely curly! I recently went natural, and I got SO many compliments on my hair. Everyone said it looked so much better than when it was straightened. tbh, I think it's just the difference. If you're curly all the time and go straight, yeah, you'll get compliments, because it's different, just like you compliment a friend on when she cuts her hair. Doesn't mean you look better or worse, it's just that you changed your look, so they have something to comment on.
I think that I get the same amount of attention, but when it's straight I feel a little more confident (not completely comfortable with curls yet) which then makes me notice boys looking more.
It's not the hair, it's the confidence!
Originally Posted by purplesprinkles

Now, ain't that the truth? Speak it, girl!! That's something that would come straight out of God's mouth! 

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Hmmm...For me it's about 50/50. Some people absolutely love my curls and compliment me all the time about how pretty they are. A lot of people used to ask me if they could touch it. Some would just go for it. haha.

However, I wore it straight for around 10 months (unhealthy, I know) and at first everyone was really into it, then people started to leave it be. It's really about change, and people seeing something different than they're used to.

I did wear it straight recently and I got a lot of compliments--one punky freshman in particular kept saying how much "better" it was.

It's funny, because I think most girls love my curls and envy them, while most guys (not all) think it looks better straight. Which isn't all that great for me, being a straight girl. But whatever.

Personally, I like how it looks both ways. When it's straight I do feel a bit more confident--not because I'm uncomfortable with my curls, just because it makes me look older, and in my eyes more sophisticated, but then I wash out the straight and my curls are back and I love how free-spirited and fun they make me look.

More guys like straight hair--it's just a fact, but most guys won't really care if they genuinely like you. And if they do care they're simply not worth it.
I think probably more so when its curly, for me. Helps me "stand out" of the crowd, i suppose. Everyone straightens their hair at my school. Shout out to shanhal! Same thing with me

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STRAIGHT i hate it.. aha this one guy told me he would think im pretty if my hair is straight. only one guy has told me he think my hair is really pretty.. yeah but it doesnt matter cause i love my hair curly and that is all that matters.. i rather be the odd one out then blend in any day < rainboww!
peace :]
Well, I've noticed that my friends love it when I wear my hair down curly, but guys don't seem to be to crazy about it when it is. But, when my hair is down straight, guys seem to like it better. I've actually even had a guy friend ask me to straighten my hair. Oh, and another guy told me that he liked my hair best when it was straight. He told me that when I asked him how I should wear my hair to an event. So, sorry I've gotten off topic, but I think that I'm noticed by more guys when my hair is straight. (unfortunately)
I actually never have my hair straigthnend to completly straight, even through i will get it done in august, for the first time.
But i get lots attention with my hair natural. But i dont know if there will be a different. But offcourse if it's around people you know they will give attention when you make a big different in your hair style too.
straight hair sadly. I think it's because straight hair makes me look older and curly makes me look younger so with straight hair I actually look my age. I think I'm talking to the wrong dudes I guess.
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My first reaction is straight, but when I think about it it's a toss up.

I think for me it can be straight because I usually put more time into all of my look when I straighten it. Im dressy, strong makeup, straight hair, stuff like that. And generally when I'm curly, I'm more casual. I think I get the most attention with curly hair when I'm bold with everything else too as far as clothes and makeup. It's when I'm super casual with curly hair that I start to look younger
Men definitely like my hair straight. I get hit on a lot more when it's straight than when it's curly.

When I wear my hair curly, men don't really talk to me. They just look at me like they've never seen anyone with hair like mine before. It's kind of hilarious.

I have 3c hair with 4a around the edges. Right now it's straight and men AND women definitely notice more. It's also because when it's straight, my hair is down to my middle back.

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