Do yu attract more boys when yr hair is straight or curly ?

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well i dont straighten my hair ever! but my wonderful boyfriend noticed me cause of my curls, and all his mates always star at my hair n say it looks good.
and when im shopping or in town i get alot of looks, when i got my hair down especially when its BIG and when im with my friends, i get more looks then them, cause they all have straight hair. love my curls

my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
my hair loves conditioner only styling!
Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
Straightens no doubt but iidc anymore. I only am going to straighten every other week

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Defintely curly!!!!! Guys LOVE my hair when it's curly, but all of my girl friends love to play with my hair when it's straight. The guys really just love to see my hair spring and fluff it(which I really dont mind as long as they dont try to run their fingers through my hair!!! hahaha, not so good times there)
Love my auburn 3b/3c curls!! Favorite products are Treseme Naturals conditioner and DevaCare ArcAngel(<---miracle for definition!) I really just want to GROW MY HAIR OUT!! It's not really working...
Definitely curly attracts more male attention. Ever since I started wearing my hair curly I've been getting a lot of male attention. Never any actual cute guys though, ugh lol My boyfriend loves my curly hair and has always encouraged me to wear it natural.
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CG since August 2011
Loving my hair!!!
I had a guy tell me yesterday "your hair looks good straight. straighten it more because that looks way better". I almost slapped him.

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^clarification.. I "liked" it because you said "I almost slapped him" lol
<3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
^clarification.. I "liked" it because you said "I almost slapped him" lol
Originally Posted by KurlyPrincess
ha then I was talking to this other guy and he said "your hair looks really nice today" and I was just like "if you're planning on saying it looks better this way, I'm gonna punch you" and he just laughed and said "well then I'm not gonna say what I had planned."

I'm just like come onnn guys! seriously!!! I like it better curly. deal with it.

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^lol! I'm's not funny. But it is.

I've never had a guy tell me to that I look better with straight hair....or curly hair. But I don't hang out with very many guys either
<3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
Most guys prefer my curly hair. When my hair is straight I get alotta "is that your real hair?" -__- My bf loves my hair natural... he says I look more exotic that way lol

Good thing because straightening this load of hair is way too much work!

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i'd say curly. i only do my hair straight sometimes... and like, when i do i usually switch right back to curly and that's when everyone is like "woah, your hair looks gorgeous when it's curly!" and i'm like.. thanks guys this is how it ALWAYS looks. hahaha. it's so funny. i love my curly hair, and i wouldn't have it any other way!
well i dont really get attention from my age anyway, but i think they did a lot when i was 14 and 15 and my hair was LONG and straight. maybe its the length. idk. but i wouldn't want a guy who liked me only for my hair anywhere, even if its cute

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Most guys I talk to LOVE my curly hair. In fact, I get the most compliments when my hair is curly. I am still transitioning and trying to grow my hair out so it's not quite where Id like it right now, but it is still beautiful and unique! I love being a curly!
the guy I like just told me he likes my curly hair!! that's like THE BEST thing he could have said lol

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Yay!!! How sweet!
<3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
My hair is never straight :P but I definitely do okay in the boy department. I wore a giant afro to a concert and a guy came up and told me he loved my hair, and started hitting on me. I think having big wild hair makes a girl memorable.

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From wat I've seen,most guys like straight hair but you will find some that really find curly hair sexy and wild.

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It's a hard answer. People love my hair straight cause they say it looks beautiful on me. But when I wear it curly I get just as much attention ,cause I have very defined hair. Pretty much either way
I heard guys think wavy is the best hair but it depends on the person..I attract a lot more guys my race when its straight but when natural zero try to hit on me but others looks but never say something

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Maybe it's just me, but, I don't get looks because of my hair. Lmbo & the boys that liked me when I was relaxed actually like my hair natural. & because of the area I live (DC/MD) in ALOT of females are natural. So here, I hardly doubt that straight hair is looked at anymore. Males like nice looking hair! No matter what state it's in! A man can't tell the difference between a perm and a press. Lol,

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Originally Posted by WavyHairDontCare
I live in the DC metro area (NOVA) and whenever I went to MD to visit my ex boyfriend I got hit on or looked at by the guys with locs. Lol. My ex even had locs. :P but when he met me I had braids that were straight.

I just recently started wearing my hair down, so my current boyfriend doesn't know what my hair looks like down and "out". He's only seen it in a ponytail or in braids. Maybe when he comes back I'll start wearing it curly around him. :P

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For me it's curly. Especially now that im in high school, guys love my hair curly and they love to play with it and watch it bounce back up. One of my close guy friends even said my hair was really cute when it was in a loose ponytail with lots of strands hanging out all over the place after I'd finished a race. I feel more confident and different when my hair is curly and I think guys notice that.

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