Do yu attract more boys when yr hair is straight or curly ?

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I was just wondering. I think I get more attention with curly hair and I stand out a little bit more then my straight hair friends.

One of my friends says she pulls them more when her hair is straight because she looks older. Pshhhhh baloney right?

how about yu ? just wondering btw
Well, straight, because curly hair makes me look 12 lol
But then, all the guys I already know like me better when my hair is curly.

Over the summer this kid was like, "Hey baby!" and then told his friend he just hit on a 12 year old.

I was so mad, like "I'm fifteen, jerk!"
I look 16 at least when my hair is straight.
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Well, straight, because curly hair makes me look 12 lol
But then, all the guys I already know like me better when my hair is curly.

Originally Posted by ArmyofWaves

Haha I could most defiantl see that. Maybe are curls will come in handy as we get older
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yea Im 15 but look like 11 or 12 when my hair is curly. With curly hair I look older when I put on a little make up though. Side bangs also makes me look older with curly hair.
for me, its not even like i look younger. i just think people are taken back by it. everyone says my hair looks better straight, then again the guys i know like the 'norm' which in their case is straight.

I cant fight my curls
I cant control my curls
I really just let them roll free
What else can i do?

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ya for me its straight... it makes me look a lot older to but whatevs!! Haha I love my curls!!
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i got my first bf last year when my hair was strait and then i went naturall and way more guys seemed into me. everyone of them got P.O.ed at me when i straitened it.
Everyone says i look older with my hair curly verses strait. (even if it has turned to more wavey since i started to grow it out grrr.)
For me, straightening my hair makes me looks younger. I have a lot of hair, so when I straighten I get more of a triangle shape. Weird, I know.

I guess I attract more with curly, then. Especially when it's long, down, and my roots are lifted enough
I think curly since it is more "wild" and unusual (ie exotic). I look older than I am either way so that doesn't have much to do with it. I just think that curly hair makes me look more interesting.
I get equal attention from guys when my hair is curly and when it's straight. But for some reason when I wear my hair natural I get hit on by like 13 years and that sucks considering I'm almost 16.
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cause the first time I went to school with straight hair(tenth grade, second semester), I did receive more atention than usual, but the second time I did(eleventh grade, first semester) not so much, so I think that they used to say straight hair 'cause it's different, but my boyfriend says he likes my hair the way it is(and he was one of the people who said to straighten it to see how it looked). Plus, I find straight hair boring. To me, nothing is sexier than healthy, defined, shiny curls.
Wahhh! I dont get noticed by guys period...Well, i got one compliment from a guy when i wore my fro. But other than that, none. I got compliments from girls and teachers.

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I think my hair likes cones...
Unfortunatly, i think i probably do when my hair is straight. This is probably because the back of my hair is soo much culier than the front, it's noticibly weird.
i think if im at school i like it straight but my mum doesnt let straighten it for school coz she thinks my hairs lovely and i shouldnt do it coz i will destroy it. But every1 at school has lovely straight shiney locks and the boys seem to love the way it shines but my hair doesnt shinesso........i think boys are more attracted to straight hair . But when i go on beachy holidays beachy boys are more attracted to curly hair which is + i think tanned boys r fitter so YAY love da frizz
plus i look 12 when actually 14 wiv curly hair + its blonde and blonde and curly dont go wiv my face lol
Curly. I mean, it's curly 99% of the time...
It's nice to stand out since all my close girlfriends have stick straight hair.
I actually get more attention when its curly..
When its curly, definitely. I apparently look more relaxed.

Though I did when it was straight too (not been straightened since July though).

I look around 4-5 years older than I am either way...

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I attract a ton of guys when my hair is straight,
but when my hair is curly, none. My hair is such a mess when it's curly, I kinda understand! lol

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