Audiobook Recommendations

Can anyone recommend any good audio books? The radio in my car is spotty at times and I've found that audio books seem to fill my commute wonderfully.

Right now I'm listening to Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh narrated by Jeremy Irons. Sigh, I love his voice. It hits that part of me where I just melt. No it's not just the accent, it's def. his voice. I downloaded Lolita read by him from the library loaning site as well but it's in WMA format so I need to convert it since I have a Mac.

What audiobooks do you enjoy? Any particular narrators you like better than others? I don't mind listening to books I've already read if the narrator is particularly good or entertaining.
Hey, I don't know if you are still looking for audiobook recommendations but I would like to share some! I love listening to audiobooks when I'm in my car, too. I love reading, so why not listen to a story while I'm driving, right?

Well if you liked Brideshead Revisited I think you should check out The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer. It's read by Richard Armitage and I loooove his voice. I've also got some non-fiction on my iPod, because that's the only way I will stick with it. Right now I've got 1776, and Seabiscuit and American on Purpose. I also just finished some more trashier books that are more of a guilty pleasure, but just something to listen to that's fun! Like, PS, I Love You and some of the In Death series books.

And one of my favorite narrators is Jim Dale, who does one version of the Harry Potter audiobook readings.

If you still want some more recommendations for audiobooks let me know!

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