The Luxe Novels

Anyone else read these?

What did you think of all the character's endings?
I read them and rather enjoyed them though the last novel seemed like "oh time to wrap everything up." It's been a while so it's hard to remember what happened but I do remember thinking "huh? It's over? This seems weird." It seemed a bit trite.
SPOILERS (just in case)

I kind of enjoyed them - I mean I sat and read them all. But the writing or the characters didn't for me.

I did feel it was all wrapped up far to quickly considering she had 4 books. But I liked the outcomes of all the characters.

I loved that Diana and Harry didn't end up together even though I actually liked them as a couple. I felt going off to see the world and be her own person was exactly the right thing for Diana, and Harry, well he suffered for all the stupid decisions he had made. (He annoyed me sometimes for being such an idiot) I liked that Penelope got a taste of her own medicine but that she became a nicer person for it and her and Harry in the end, became friends, I felt.

Carolina got what she deserved and I like the picture of her future. Elizabeth I never liked, she was so....wet lol, its nice she ended up with Teddy but it wasn't especially developed well. I knew I hated that man from the beginning, he was too nice giving them money.

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