Is anyone on

Anyone else on Goodreads?

I love Goodreads. I have found so many good books from friends and just browsing that I would not normally read.
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yes, I am! I love keeping track of everything I've read.
I use the newsletters to give me ideas for my reading list on a book swap site I use. I don't post much on the Goodreads site at this point. But I have gotten some good recommendations from the site.
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It's the only way to keep my "wishlist" in a cohesive place! I also love the app that lets me check it when I'm at the library. I always forget! I don't network much on it, just with a few friends that are one it, but one is my cousin and we have a lot of shared book interests and she lives far away so that's fun.

I also really like the lists they have put together. I browse through them all the time to find new titles.

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