Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

A friend sent this book to me. Anyone read it??
Yes! That one and "The Fountainhead" as well. Fascinating. I found myself very absorbed and still think about many of the characters even though it's probably been over 20 years since I read them. There's a surreal quality to them (that level of altruism just does not occur in real life, at least not in my real life!) and yet within the context it is all totally believable.

If you do read it, post your reaction here... it'd be great to hear what others think about the book. =)
I've read it twice, but I shouldn't really count the first time. I read the first 200 pages or so and got bored and put it down for a long while. Then towards the end, someone (I won't say who) was giving a speech and I was just so caught up in what's going to happen next, that I skimmed through that part.

But, I loved this book! I really got sucked into it, and got attached to the characters. Once I finished it, I took a short break from reading because I didn't want to feel let down by other books not being as good. I tend to get that way though.

I'd say to definitely give it a shot. You may not get sucked in right away, but keep going. There are points where you won't want to put it down. Maybe I'll have to get my copy back out...
A friend sent this book to me. Anyone read it??
Originally Posted by texascurly
An excellent book. Very long and involved but well worth the effort.

Rand published it in 1958 and it has been a bestseller ever since.
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I was actually just recommending Atlas Shrugged to a coworker yesterday and it made me want to pull it back out and reread it. LOL Sigi, I skimmed the last half of the speech too!

Anyhow, I see this thread is almost a year old. Did you read it? How'd you like it?
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