Wives and Daughters

I just finished this book by Elizabeth Gaskell. SPOILER ALERT: She died before she could finish the book. Six hundred and forty-four pages and she died before she could finish the book. Not to sound insensitive, but WTH? I really wanted Molly and Roger to end up married and happy and the author died.

To be fair, the book was published in a magazine and the magazine's editor said that Molly and Roger end up married, but I really wanted the details. *sigh*
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Yeah, I felt the same way about it, but it does add a bit of mysteriousness for me. Have you ever seen the movie adaption with Justine Waddell?
I've never read that one but I love the BBC adaptation. I don't think I'll read it now though - that is far too frustrating for words lol!
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