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    [quote=mothereartha]I usually have very small twists or a twist out. My hair is about 5 inches I guess. My hair is acting up. I just got it trimmed but maybe I need another b/c my ends ARE ALWAYS KNOTTED UP. I think it’s all the twisting and untwisting as well.

    I let the conditioner sit for a while. It’s just my ends laugh at the conditioner:)

    Where do I get a jibire shower comb. I also heard good things about the conair shower comb. I currently use a denman and this other brush/comb contraption. i need help[/quote]

    It sounds like you do need another trim. Sometimes, in order to save length, we trim less when it calls for a bigger trim. If your ends are not receiving the conditioner well after a trim either you didn’t trim enough, or your stylist did not use good scissors. Trimming with dull scissors actually CREATES more split ends.

Viewing 106 post (of 106 total)
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