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    Hello All. I was hoping someone could give me advice on hair cuts for 3A gals. My hair was straw straight as a child and then when I hit puberty it became wavy, then curly. For the past 10 years I have been having my hair cut in layers with a razor, though I have only found two hairdressers that knew how to do it. I was told by one it was called “Increased layers, with framing around the face”. I was wondering if there was any other cuts than this. I was told that razor layering went out in the eighties, and that it creates too much volume. My experience has been that it seems much softer and lighter when done. I don’t know, I was just curious if there was something other than scrunched curls parted on the side, or the mushroom-do(can’t stand that) look for thick curly hair like mine.

    Magazines haven’t been much help because all the women with curly hair have their curls blow-dried out in the makeover pics, now what is that saying!!?? 👿

    I believe my hair is a 3A. My Mom has 3B. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!


    well layers are good, but a lot of us curlies shy away from the razor. because of the way the blade slides down the hair shaft, it can encourage breakage and bad split ends. i had it done when my hair was shorter, and it took a lot longer for those dead ends to grow out because some were half way up the hair shaft.
    otherwise, check out the photo gallery on here, or look at other people’s picture links on their www button in their signature. i’ve gotten tons of ideas to help me grow my hair out by looking at other pictures.

    otherwise, Shakira’s hair cut right now is super cute, with more of a style then regular curly hair cuts.
    here’s a link to one of the girls here that got her hair cut that way. it’s my goal hair cut! enjoy!


    HTH! 😀


    😀 Cool thanks, that is such a cute cut! I am ready for a change, I think that would be fun to try. Okay, so what should I say when I go in ? “I want a Shakira” ❓ Would they know what I was talking about?
    Thanks again for the input.


    i tried posting from work, but i guess it didn’t take! DOH!

    i would suggest bringing in a picture just in case your stylist lives in a cave somewhere.

    my example?
    i went to get my hair cut into a short pixie cut a few years ago. my stylist was a younger stylist, so i figured she’d know what’s up. i told her i wanted the wynona ryder pixie cut. she looked at me and said “i don’t know what that is…” frustrated with her lack of knowledge about celebrity looks, i started explaining.
    the end result? i had a hair cut that was more like a bowl cut…
    it was if i mixed a beatle and a librarian and made my hair look like that. it was HORRIBLE!

    so i told myself, if i’m looking for something particular, and i have a photo, i bring it in!


    Layers are your best bet, but razoring is usually not good for curlies. There aren’t too many different styles you can achieve w/ curly hair as far as haircuts go. But that’s because you’re born w/ your own natural hairstyle! Nothing looks more stylish, or done than curly hair. You want to ask for long layers. Depending on the length, your first layer should reach between your cheekbone and jaw. B/c most stylist cut all hair the same, I would suggest doing an online search for one that specializes in curly hair.


    Thanks you guys for all of your input. I know about trial and error. Almost two years ago, woman in a salon supply store told me my mother and I had “ethnic” hair and should visit such a salon just around the corner from the store. I did and was horrified. My hair was blowdryed, flat ironed (my mother said she saw it smoking!) and then the very bottom layered as if I had straight hair. End result super straight hair that smelled burnt. After washing my hair to get it back to it’s natural state, it was awful, poofy, frizzy, smelly, dry, and an awful shape….wore it up mostly. And to tell you the truth I am still trying to grow out all of the damage!!!! That was truly my worst hair cut. I did get some info from a curly girl in a class I had last year about a local salon that had something like 30 years experience, including in curly hair. So as soon as I get the funds, I am there. Especially since my husband told me last night at a quinceneta(?) (15 year old party) when I asked what he thought of my hair “It’s kinda poofy and dry, not more flat and shiny like before.” 😯 I really wanted a compliment but I have to agree. I used to like Curl.life, do you guys like this product? Or suggest a better one for 3A hair? Eventually I will post a pic, not now though!!!!!! 😛
    Thanks again!


    😯 well, i guess i haven’t had an experience like that, but it seems us curly girls have scarier salon stories then anyone else does!!!

    the one product i can’t live without is [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Elucence-Moisture-Balancing-Conditioner-p-39.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=elucence-elucence-moisture-balancing-conditioner]Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner[/buylink]. it does exactly what it says it will do. it doesn’t give you too much conditioner or too little. it gives you just the right amount. i LOVE it! i buy it by the liter from curl mart, and haven’t regretted it once. the smell is awesome, and it’s great as a leave in, regular conditioner, or used to wash your hair. you can’t loose with that stuff.

    so if you want to buy something, buy Elucence. it’s the GREATEST!!! 🙂




    Hey I found this picture of Shakira with her hair blown out straight with her current haircut. It shows how it was cut into thick layers and there’s still nice length to it. We saw how adorable her curls look, and it looks equally hot straightened out. I really want this haircut and plan to print this out whenever I decide to get my hair cut.



    Funny, that’s exactly how my hair is too. I don’t think it’s the haircuts though. Other than a few trips to my mother’s stylist, my best friend from from college has cut my hair for the past 15 years. We keep trying to get it to an even length, but the front is ALWAYS shorter than the back. I assumed it was caused by breakage (I blowdry/flatiron straight several times a year and use a small barrell curling iron when the pieces around my face go flat), but could it also just be how my hair grows?


    It would make sense that the cuts have something to do with it, if you never got the back cut to match the front. But it’s probably not the whole story.

    The right side of my hair is always a little shorter than the left side, and I think it is because that is the side I always wear my purse on. So I’ve been trying to alternate shoulders so that I can break off my hair equally on both sides of my head, 😆

    Once (in the 80s) I got this haircut where my hair was longer in the front and shorter in the back, with the nape cut out. I liked it at the time, but looking back it was awful!

    AvatarPacific Poppy

    My hair grows way slower in the back than the front and top, because the curls are smaller, and more prone to breakage. I actually like my hair shorter in the front (go figure), so I’m always having to do upkeep to keep my style from reversing itself. Which would be fine, but I’m trying to grow it out, so cutting irks me.


    I’m getting my hair cut next week, any idea where I can find a pic of the Shakira cut mentioned in this thread worn curly??



    Veronica, you’re in KC right? I’m curious as to which DCC you’re going to. I’ve been to 2 different ones, one 3 times, and the other twice. The one I thought was the best just screwed my hair over last friday. She’s moved to a new salon and doesn’t follow CG anymore on her customers, so I was really disappointed. If you don’t want to say it here, you can pm me. Or if tell me if it’s at Salon Bijin or not, that will probably tell me, although there are 2 there now. Just a little warning, since I thought she was the best DCC around here, but absolutely not anymore. 😕


    Lush, I just pm’ed you.

    That is so disappointing. I can’t believe she would just change the way she cuts your hair without asking you first… Seems very unprofessional to me.

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