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    [quote=veronica]I’m getting my hair cut next week, any idea where I can find a pic of the Shakira cut mentioned in this thread worn curly??



    No, I’m just playing!! But I *LOVE* that scene in her video.

    Go here:

    [url]http://www.mtv.com/search/index.jhtml?searchterm=SHAKIRA&searchtype=photos[/url] And check out all the photoalbums they have of her. Especially “Summer ’05: Shakira” There’s a great shot of her hair there.


    I don’t have problems with knots and tangling, but MY problem is when the pooer digs those nails into your head! I mean, if you have nails, you should KNOW that it doesn’t take you putting that much pressure on someones head to scrub it clean! That has to be the most pain for me.

    Wasn’t until I moved overseas where I had the greatese pooing experience. At my salon, not only are they gentle with the poo, they also give you a 15 minute head massage after! Not sure if they are trying to bide time, but I’d rather them do that with a massage than have me sitting with a magazine!!

    Watch out for those nails ladies!! 👿

    AvatarCousin Itt

    phillycurlgirl, I too have felt those nails on my scalp!! Pooers should keep their nails trimmed so that the occasional scraping could be avoided.

    My scalp just very well may be a little over sensitive so that is also why I am experiencing that annoying stinging feeling for days afterwards. I just hate that feeling. It’s not that it’s excruciating pain, cuz it’s not. It’s more emotionally annoying to me.

    Thanks for replying!! Anyone else have similar problems??


    im concerned with both really. cause a bad cut shaped to your face wont look good and the same vice versa. however, my top priority is getting a cut fit for my face because i know something styles will look hideous on me. lol. after ive found a cut for my face shape, then i get a good stylist who’s got skills.


    i keep my hair cut into a face framing crop. seems as if short hair is the only style that compliments my face, i guess its my hairline/sideburns 😳 but i make sure the cut accomodates my features.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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