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    Does anyone else find department store sales assistants to be kind of rude sometimes? What do you do when this happens?

    The other day, I took my husband to Macy’s makeup section to look at a good moisturizer with SPF for his face. I thought it would be a good idea because there would be so many products to choose from. He looked at the Clinique products and didn’t like the texture or something, so I took him to Prescriptives. I could see the Clinique lady scowling at me from across the store, like I did something wrong.

    Do you all find that you have to go to the Lancome counter at one department store, the Clinique counter at a different department store, etc. I wouldn’t mention it except that this has happened to me sooo many times. Obviously, I don’t have brand loyalty, but I thought that was common! Any thoughts?



    I’ve come to a point where I just won’t go back to a store if I’m treated badly. I went to Henri Bendel’s to pick up a replacement for a fav Laura Mercier lipstick, and I could actually HEAR two sales associates making snide comments about my handbag (vintage, thank you very much)! It took a lot of control to NOT go off on them. I did, however, make sure I got their names and then later placed a call to the manager of the cosmetics department and gave her complete details – the names of the girls, the time I was there, the counter, and EXACTLY what was said. Unless the manager was feigning concern, she seemed to be interested in looking into the incident. I flat out told her that I will not be coming back. This happened about six months ago, I haven’t been back. Why put myself through that kind of abuse if I go to Sephora or order the stuff on line?

    I really don’t know what it is sometimes about not just, MAs, but sales people in general. The haughty attiitudes are a mystery to me. Sometimes I want to just say “you are a SALESCLERK!”, but that would make me just as bad, and I don’t want to be like that.

    Maybe someone else has a better explanation? Is intimindation an effective sales tool?


    It’s weird, isn’t it? I used to hate going to the makeup counters because the sales people there always seemed to be so condescending. I don’t get it. I often wondered if they made a commission or something and would get an attitude if you didn’t buy their particular brand. I’ve gotten over my intimidation and could give a hoot about those people. I don’t buy department store makeup anymore anyway.

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    Sometimes I want to just say “you are a SALESCLERK!”


    That is why they have the attitude. Alot of people at makeup counters are actually aestheticians – they are trained for what they do. You (in general) treat them like they are idiots and it gets old. I worked in jewelry for 10 years. I am a certified appraiser, I am a diamondtologist and gemologist, and yet I get – so? You worked in a mall…blah blah blah. Alot of “salesclerks” also have degrees in other fields, or are currently going to school. I worked with a woman who had a PhD. Some people are just nasty, but some just give what they get.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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