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    I recently found the shampoo of my dreams..its called a “shampoo bar” and Ive only tried two so far and I have been so deeply disapointed. I want to find a bar that both gently cleans and conditions but without making my shoulder length curly hair that is thin and delicate a mass of gummy, greasey feeling tangles. Ive only tired Burts bee brand and one other not so commercialized brand and both attempts have been a total waste of good money. I love the convience of a bar form of shampoo but cant find one that is good for fine, thin, hair. Does anyone know of such a product out there?.


    The only thing I can recommend, is to not rub the bar on/into your hair. Lather it up in your hands first and then wash that way. I don’t know why , but it makes a difference.



    sell lots of soaps and shampoo bars. I switch off with bars and Kenra shampoo. The bars do not dry my hair and smell great. You can order samples as well. I think you may need an acv rinse each time depending on hardness of your water.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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