Salon listings/reviews

I entered a positiver review for a salon a few weeks ago and it never got added. Should I resend it.
At the moment, I have to add them manually. I'm waaaaaay behind. I'll try to get to them soon. And we've hired someone to automate it for us and hope to have that up soon.

I'm sorry for the delay.
I was just wondering how often the salon listings/reviews are updated? Would it be possible to have a seperate board for salons?
Gretchen, you can nix mine, cuz my stylist that I recommended is quitting, so it would be inaccurate information. sorry. Thanks.
Maybe when whoever is hired to update the salon listings is finished, there can be a post about it on the homepage or something. That way, we won't have to keep checking back everyday. It's an idea...
I got January submissions posted the other day! Whoohoo. Just 4 months to go then I'm caught up. Sigh.

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