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I don't know if this question has been asked before but since the topics on the General Discussion Board move as soon as a reply is posted, is there any way to search the topics? For example if I ask a question and want to check the answer a couple of days/weeks later, I am not sure where to find it other than searching every single topic which takes quite a long time since there are quite a number of pages. If there was a way to search the subject or even key words, it would be very helpful.
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Hey Vivian. Look under where it says "Post New Topic" and "Post Reply." You'll see a bunch of links like "register," "profile," etc. One of them is "search." You can type in a keyword and even narrow it down further by selecting a certain message board and even a certain user name. This is a great feature, since many questions get repeated when new users join. So if you have a question about something, it is advisable to search for possible responses on it before posting a new topic.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, Bushyhead!
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Great!!! Thank you. I guess I missed those all the time I was looking.


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